******Behind the Moon BEADWORKS is proud to announce that a portion of proceeds from all purchases will now be donated to support the K-Love radio ministries! Thank you for your support!******

Why I support K-Love

The Lord has changed me dramatically over the past few years and music is the biggest means He uses to do so.  I stumbled upon the K-Love radio station about 2 years ago and have never been the same.  I listen to it on my commute every. day. without. fail.  It's the first time I really began to listen to Christian music.  They have this 30-day challenge to listen to nothing but Christian music and see how your life changes.  Thanks to K-Love I now have a daily relationship with Jesus.  It ignited a spark inside of me to say the least.
K-Love is completely listener supported.  I am so happy to now be donating a portion of the proceeds from Behind the Moon Beadworks to the ministry of K-Love.  The stories I hear of how a certain song has transformed people's lives (even prevented suicide) are so uplifting and I am really excited to support them and be a part of what God is doing through this ministry.

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