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Friday, August 30, 2013

gone coastal

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The call of the ocean is undeniable to pretty much everyone.  It mystifies and lures the old and young alike.  Our little family is blessed to be able to take a beach vacation almost yearly and it always makes me want to bring some of the sea back with me and incorporate it into my home.  However heavily themed rooms can be overwhelming. I've always been one to gravitate more towards subtly, so these are the points I would keep in mind when putting together a room with a hint of coastal ambiance : )

- thick natural textures like wicker, sisal, and wood
- a breezy color pallet
- weathered finishes
- just a few coastal decor touches like shells, glass, and rope

Don't forget the personal touches, fill a bowl or container of shells you found or frame a photo from the beach that you took yourself.  Nothing can take the place of personal touches that speak to you and recall those memories and emotions brought to you by the sea. 

Here's an inspiration board I came up with featuring all Pottery Barn products.  I would absolutely live at Pottery Barn if I could ; )

1. Bronze Bowl
2. Carved Wood Starfish
3. Sheer Drapes
4. Wool and Natural Jute Rug
5. Oversized Sand Dollar
6. Seagrass Chairs
7. Glass Buoys

Do you have a vacation destination that seems to linger in your thoughts long after your gone?  Have you ever incorporated your favorite locale into your home?    How did it turn out?  Tell me about it, and send me pictures if you have them.  I would love to see it!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

a little more

Remember in grade school when the teacher would have you stand up and tell the class what you did over  summer break?
Head back to second grade with me just a sec okay ; )

Despite the craziness of trying to sell our house and move to the country we have made the most of the free time we have had.  There have been vacations, camping, backyard playing, family visiting, boat rides, amusement parks, and typical summer shenanigans going on round these parts.

We explored the natural world in our back yards.

Went on a few camping trips and discovered some AMAZING sights.

Had some backyard sprinkler fun in the sun.

Enjoyed some fresh harvest from our garden.

Practiced being beach bums

Took in some amusements

And enjoyed a night out on the town with family (sans-kids no less!)

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These are the favorite moments that made my summer....it was awesome : )

Thursday, August 22, 2013

how DO you know?

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When do you say "OK, this must not be part of God's plan"?
And when do you say, "I trust in you Lord, I will keep faith and not give up"?

This internal battle has spread itself to many parts of our life lately.  I've been praying so hard for answers.  I know my prayers are heard, I know He will answer.  But sometimes waiting for His answer and trying to interpret signs is just plain HARD.

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You see Hubsy and I have this dream to move to the country and build a simpler quiet life.  It's been building in us for over a year.  It's the kind of life we want not only for ourselves but for our boys especially.  Less busy, less stuff....more nature, more quiet, more discovery.  This past May we decided to go for it and make it happen so we put our house up for sale.  We found a sweet little house in the country on a dirt road with a lot of farm land around...perfection :)  Problem is we are having a very difficult time selling our house.  I won't go into the details but it has been a really rough road so far.

I have a beautiful house.  If I could pick it up and move it to the country  I would absolutely do that without a moments hesitation.  So...we are left to wonder if this is a sign that moving is not in God's plan for us at all?  Or just not now? Or should we keep trying?  Is our buyer right around the corner?  We find ourselves weary of the frequent showings we have and needing to leave the house.  This takes its toll on planning several aspects of everyday life...even just what to have for dinner since I may or may not be around to cook it : )  Not to mention our boys are homebodies (like us) and get quite cranky when they have to suddenly stop playing so we can clean up and leave on short notice.  But we know this is all part of the process of selling your home, it's just something you gotta do.

It tugs at our minds and hearts daily.
What about you?
Do you struggle with not knowing when to walk away from something and when to just try harder?

I'd love to hear your story, please share!

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