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Friday, August 30, 2013

gone coastal

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The call of the ocean is undeniable to pretty much everyone.  It mystifies and lures the old and young alike.  Our little family is blessed to be able to take a beach vacation almost yearly and it always makes me want to bring some of the sea back with me and incorporate it into my home.  However heavily themed rooms can be overwhelming. I've always been one to gravitate more towards subtly, so these are the points I would keep in mind when putting together a room with a hint of coastal ambiance : )

- thick natural textures like wicker, sisal, and wood
- a breezy color pallet
- weathered finishes
- just a few coastal decor touches like shells, glass, and rope

Don't forget the personal touches, fill a bowl or container of shells you found or frame a photo from the beach that you took yourself.  Nothing can take the place of personal touches that speak to you and recall those memories and emotions brought to you by the sea. 

Here's an inspiration board I came up with featuring all Pottery Barn products.  I would absolutely live at Pottery Barn if I could ; )

1. Bronze Bowl
2. Carved Wood Starfish
3. Sheer Drapes
4. Wool and Natural Jute Rug
5. Oversized Sand Dollar
6. Seagrass Chairs
7. Glass Buoys

Do you have a vacation destination that seems to linger in your thoughts long after your gone?  Have you ever incorporated your favorite locale into your home?    How did it turn out?  Tell me about it, and send me pictures if you have them.  I would love to see it!

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