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Friday, September 28, 2012

New to the shop and a sale!

Hey y'all!  
I added some new baubles to the shop this week.
Let's give them a nice warm welcome shall we :)

New look on the blog and in the shop...
how about celebrating with a little 20% off sale in the entire shop!
*sale ends Oct 6th

Just enter coupon code NEWMOON20 at checkout.

Have a blessed weekend ladies!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Simply Beautiful: devotion

Isn't this such a beautiful picture?
  The depth of love is palpable...
The devotion in his embrace.
The mutual understanding and appreciation in her eyes.

I hope Hubsy and I still look like this at that age!

I just thought this was lovely and so am sharing it with all of you lovelies :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Becoming a student

The crisp blank pages of a notebook.
A sharp pencil.
Ears eager to learn.
Fresh ideas.
A stretching of the mind.

I am becoming a student again.  
No I'm not going back to school in the traditional sense but I have decided to really buckle down and learn a few things.  There are two areas in my life that I am really passionate about right now.  
Growing my relationship with God and growing my jewelry design business. 

I have been a believer all of my life but in so many ways I am like a new-found one.  The true spark to have a personal and daily relationship with God came after having children.  If anything will help you turn to God for guidance, it's parenting.  Being a mother has taught me so much.  It has really helped me understand and accept how the Lord feels about me.  I never quite felt like I deserved His love before.  Now I'm really accepting that it's not about deserving it, I simply have it because I am His.  There is still so much for me to learn.  One of the greatest resources for me has been my Daily Bible.  It's written in chronological order which is easier for me to read and follow along when it's set-up this way.  But there is still so much I don't understand so I'm on the search for some online Bible studies or somewhere I can join in conversation with other Christians.  If you know of any resources (websites/online studies/books) I should check out,
please let me know!

I've also been praying a lot over the past year in regards to my business.  Asking God to let me know if it is part of His plan for me.  The undeniable truth is that I am a creative and visual person.  God set this fire in my heart from the beginning.  He has a plan for me to share this and I am so excited for it to unfold.

faith [feyth] noun
1. confidence or trust in a person or thing.
2. belief that is not based on proof.

Having "faith" has become like a little mantra for me.  It started with my wedding (that's a story for another time and it's not a bad thing) but the importance of having faith in others and in God has been revealing itself to me for a long time now.  It has come to the time where I need to put some of that same faith in myself.  I am capable of great things when I don't let fear stop me.  And so are you! 
What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
The answer to this question can really tell you alot about yourself. 

So that said I am immersing myself in studying ways to promote and build a creative business.  I'm building relationships with other creative business owners through blogging and other social media.  Since I am still a busy mom and time is a critical shortage, I've been attending some online seminars.  
Isn't the web a great place!?  Attend a seminar in the comfort of my pj's?  Yes please.  But it all comes back to the learning.  And a humbling of myself really.  I need to admit I do not have it all together and I AM indeed still learning.  But you know what?  Everyone starts somewhere.  

 This is my beginning.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Happies

Happy Friday!

I'm feeling sublimely blessed and optimistic today so I thought I'd share some happy 
with you in preparation for the weekend :) 

I want to do all of these this weekend.

Think I'll take a few minutes to raise my face to the sun and do this very thing!

I want to do something fun and fall-ish with the boys this weekend.  Not sure what it'll be yet but I'll be sure to act silly with them while we do it.  What's more fun than goofing off with the kids?  
I think I feel a family dance party coming on!  My boys do some rockin' break dancing.

 Um yeah, let's do this one ALL the time :) 

Whether you're doing something exciting or just kicking back 
make it a great weekend y'all!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Beautiful You: Layer it up!

One of the best things about Fall is all the layering you can do, 
perfect for warm days but chilly nights. 
But there's more to layer that just your clothes.  
How about your accessories?

Layered jewelry is one of the looks that I simply adore.
It can add so much depth and texture and well...interest to your look.
Who wants to look like dry toast?
(my favorite metaphor for boring :))
Not this gal.
Let's spice it up a bit, slather some Nutella on that bread if you get me ;)

Here are some of my favorite looks.
From The Andean Collection, makers of uniquely beautiful and impactful jewelry using sustainable materials indigenous to South America.  I love the use of mixed media not to mention the positive effects they are having on the poverty stricken areas of the artists.  Beauty with a side of bettering the world?  Heck yeah.

This one is from my girl Anna over at IHOD who just so happens to be posting a DIY tutorial of these necklaces today.  Run on over and check her out.  Seriously.  She is the goddess of maintaining modesty while still looking absolutely feminine and fashionable.  Love her.

The wrist may just be the single most erroneously under-decorated body part.  The long column of the arm provides an unbelievable backdrop for stacks upon stacks of stunning bracelets.  Girls, we NEED to be working our wrists more often!  Just look at that bounty of bling and bangle. Oh my!
For the gals that like a less "cluttered" look, just try layering some delicate chains like the above.   It doesn't need to be all about the bulk. It's about experimenting and finding something that's uniquely you.  These ones are like a little surprise peeking out at the collar. *love*

And don't forget about a scarf.  You can "layer" that too, just by simply cutting up an old T-shirt.   You can bet your firstborn I'll be making one of these for myself.  The tutorial can be found here.

The trick to layering well is to mix it up...

{metal finishes}
Don't be afraid to pair gold with silver. Or put shiny and matte finished pieces together.

Smooth wood or bone can bring out the depth of faceted beads or leather.

Choose from shell, glass, wood, metal, bone, fabric...you name it.

 Pick several or keep it monotone but vary the intensity.

....and don't forget to vary the lengths for necklaces.

It's what makes life interesting ;)

Monday, September 17, 2012

I find rest

I've often thought that it would be best to live somewhere where it is warm all the time since I really am not a fan of the cold.  But in all reality I would really miss the changing of the seasons.  I am one of those people that actually like when the stores are busting out the Halloween stuff in August.  
Gets me geared up for what's to come :)
And I'm totally in love with Fall.  
The warm cozy sweaters, the cool breezes, the smell of the leaves, and the oncoming of harvest time ultimately leading to a period of rest.

As moms, rest is something that often alludes us.  I don't mean to exclude those that are not mothers by any means, but I found my life took on a whole new meaning of busy when I had kids.  Not only the physical demands but the mental as well.  My brain never stops thinking about the never ending list of things to do.  I check a few things off only to end up adding more.  

When thinking of rest in the past, I would envision days at the spa or shopping and lunch dates with the girls.  But let's be real, that's just not going to happen very often.  Lucky for me I found that rest is not restricted to a specific activity or location.  
It is a state of mind.  
And that my friends is something I can indeed have.

Quieting my mind is the best way I can rest.  I've found that being present in my current situation is actually rest for me.  Letting go of the mental list.  Focusing on one thing.  I think multi-tasking is over-rated anyway.  To really stop and fully engage yourself in the moment is where it's at.  
That elusive resting place I've been trying to find.

It doesn't need to be a fancy trip to the spa, it can be a simple as watching 20 minutes of TV with my family before bed.  Sitting all together on the couch, that physical contact, and all engaging in that one shared experience, that can be restful.  Or taking some time to spend one-on-one with an animal.
I'm definitely an advocate for having a pet in your life.  They are such wonderful creatures and add immeasurable joy to your life.  Even if I can fit only 5-10 minutes of sitting and petting Lord Seamus, I am better for it.  It's like his peace and contentment seeps into me or something :)

A quiet mind is something I'm still working on but I can see some of the benefits already.

How do you find rest?

*Side note: I've lived in my current home for 6 years and never tasted these apples from our apple tree until this past weekend.  Oh. My. Delicious.  I ended up making a heavenly apple crisp with them.  Why did it take me so long to give them a try?  Ridiculous.  I have a feeling we'll be having a lot of apple crisp from now on ;)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A new moon

Welcome to the new Behind the Moon.

This is a season of change for me and the new look is just one of them.  
It comes in celebration of a renewal of spirit for me.  
A new mindset.  
A go get 'em attitude.  
I do hope you'll stick around for the journey and 
let me share a little of what makes my soul sing.

I've been bombarded with inspiration lately from all the beauty I've been able to find in my everyday.
One thing I've learned over the past year is that you need to be intentional about life.  Put a little effort into finding the beauty.  It may not always be staring you in the face but it's there.
in a smile from a stranger
a beautiful sky
a hug from your child
a touching song
your husband's eyes
a delicious meal
a colorful rock

A simple life and a grateful heart is what I'm after.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite fall photos.
It accurately captures the spirit of my boys :)
So happy fall is here!
(at least in spirit anyway) 

Until next time.....

Monday, September 10, 2012

Letter to E

Sweet Little E,

You are a wonder.  Just when I thought my heart couldn't get any bigger, you came along.  We may have had a rough start, you and I, but you have added so much love and laughter to our lives.  I can't imagine our family without you.

You're 3-yrs-old right now going on 65.  Your so funny about this age thing.  Half the time you act like an old man and yet you totally have a Peter Pan complex about growing up.  Believe me, I would keep you little forever if I could.

You're our little fireball.  You never know what is going to come out of your mouth.  You've added so much humor to our days and I thank God for that.  You're really getting into conversations and will go on and on and on if we let you.  You'd rather play than eat.  You'd rather play than go to the bathroom.  You'd rather play than go to bed.  Your world revolves around playing and I'm grateful that we can indulge you most of the time :)

You adore your brother and want to do everything he does.  You hate when he gets to do something that you can't.  Be patient little one.  One day you will be as big as L, if not bigger.  I want you to enjoy being little as much as you can.  You've started preschool this year.  I am in denial about that.  What happened to my baby?  Lucky for me you are snuggly and loving more now than ever.  You always want to do something "just us".  You love to help me.  Especially at the grocery store.

You recognize some letters.  You think anything that has an "e" on it must mean it's yours.  You are OBSESSED with the color blue, and we give in, you always get the blue one.  You like to do things yourself Mr. Independent.   You have the most beautiful brown eyes and long lush lashes.  You think Jesus lives in the attic.  You say that food is "delish".  You like to dance around naked after a bath.  You are simply so much fun to be around.

You love music, particularly country.  You sing along amazingly well and get most of the lyrics right.  You have a mechanical knack and love to put things together.  Blocks and puzzles are your favorite. Your smile lights up a room and all our family adores you.  You are a bright and creative little boy....and tons of fun. 

I'll love you forever.
I'll like you for always
As long as I'm living
My baby you'll be

You'll always be my little spider monkey and I will forever treasure the joy you have given me.  I try to tell you how much I love you and you always say "I know".  But I know you don't REALLY know yet but hopefully one day you will understand just how deep it goes.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Letter to L

Dear L,

I wanted to take a moment to write you a letter.  Maybe one day you will look back on it and smile.

Quite simply, I love you.

I hope you one day understand just how much power and meaning that phrase has.

You are now 6-years-old and moving on to 1st grade.  No longer a little boy.  And I can see the evidence every single day.

You have really blossomed in the last 6 months.  Your athleticism has grown leaps and bounds.  I think it's the result of being in school and keeping up with the other boys.  You are now riding a bike with no training wheels and are drunk on your new found freedom (as I knew you would be), wanting to ride it every day.  Your balance and strength have improved.  You take way more physical risks than ever before, which just about stops my heart sometimes.  Your daddy is loving this new phase.  The two of you are always out in the backyard playing catch of some kind.  And let me tell you, you can throw a mean football boy!

Your little brother wants to do everything you do.  He adores you even though you are annoyed with him most of the time.  But every once in a while you do something so incredibly sweet for him and it reinforces my hope that you will be the best of friends when you are older.  You definitely like to be in control of the situation and have things your way but your generous heart shines through just as much.  Like how you never want me to feel bad or cry.  And always telling us how much you love us.  Boy I will NEVER tire of that!  You always want some one-on-one snuggle time with both me and daddy before bed.  And you fall asleep the second the door closes.

You love me.  And I love it.  There is always a happy face for me when I come home.  You constantly tell me how pretty I am and what a great mom I am.  Remember this and do the same for your wife. You're gonna make a fine husband one day for some lucky girl ;)

You are starting to roll your eyes at me when I act goofy but more often than not you join in the fun.  I love this about the age you're at right now.  You and me can be total goofballs together.  You have quite the imagination.  You tell awesome fish tales and then say "seriously guys", it cracks us up.

You are reading and writing now and love to write in your little notebook.  You never want to throw anything out, and you want to keep every scrap of artwork or school project you ever made.  We've given you a bin to keep things in but it is already too full!

You are handsome as the devil and I suspect that will never change.  That chin dimple is gonna getcha in trouble with the girls one day but for now you still think they're gross.  Except for mom.  But I'm not really a girl according to you.

You love nature and science and are always asking questions.  I wonder if one day you will be a scientist of some kind.  For now you want to be a farmer like your Grandpa, which is totally cool with me.

You have blessed our lives immensely and I want to cry when I think of you being a grown man with a life of your own.  When those days come, just remember that I have loved being your mother.  These years of being a little family are without a doubt the. best. days. of my life.

You rock my world L.
And I just wanted you to know it.


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