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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Beautiful You: Layer it up!

One of the best things about Fall is all the layering you can do, 
perfect for warm days but chilly nights. 
But there's more to layer that just your clothes.  
How about your accessories?

Layered jewelry is one of the looks that I simply adore.
It can add so much depth and texture and well...interest to your look.
Who wants to look like dry toast?
(my favorite metaphor for boring :))
Not this gal.
Let's spice it up a bit, slather some Nutella on that bread if you get me ;)

Here are some of my favorite looks.
From The Andean Collection, makers of uniquely beautiful and impactful jewelry using sustainable materials indigenous to South America.  I love the use of mixed media not to mention the positive effects they are having on the poverty stricken areas of the artists.  Beauty with a side of bettering the world?  Heck yeah.

This one is from my girl Anna over at IHOD who just so happens to be posting a DIY tutorial of these necklaces today.  Run on over and check her out.  Seriously.  She is the goddess of maintaining modesty while still looking absolutely feminine and fashionable.  Love her.

The wrist may just be the single most erroneously under-decorated body part.  The long column of the arm provides an unbelievable backdrop for stacks upon stacks of stunning bracelets.  Girls, we NEED to be working our wrists more often!  Just look at that bounty of bling and bangle. Oh my!
For the gals that like a less "cluttered" look, just try layering some delicate chains like the above.   It doesn't need to be all about the bulk. It's about experimenting and finding something that's uniquely you.  These ones are like a little surprise peeking out at the collar. *love*

And don't forget about a scarf.  You can "layer" that too, just by simply cutting up an old T-shirt.   You can bet your firstborn I'll be making one of these for myself.  The tutorial can be found here.

The trick to layering well is to mix it up...

{metal finishes}
Don't be afraid to pair gold with silver. Or put shiny and matte finished pieces together.

Smooth wood or bone can bring out the depth of faceted beads or leather.

Choose from shell, glass, wood, metal, bone, fabric...you name it.

 Pick several or keep it monotone but vary the intensity.

....and don't forget to vary the lengths for necklaces.

It's what makes life interesting ;)

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  1. i love the layering look. and i love the new look around here! gorgeous, girl!


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