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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Becoming a student

The crisp blank pages of a notebook.
A sharp pencil.
Ears eager to learn.
Fresh ideas.
A stretching of the mind.

I am becoming a student again.  
No I'm not going back to school in the traditional sense but I have decided to really buckle down and learn a few things.  There are two areas in my life that I am really passionate about right now.  
Growing my relationship with God and growing my jewelry design business. 

I have been a believer all of my life but in so many ways I am like a new-found one.  The true spark to have a personal and daily relationship with God came after having children.  If anything will help you turn to God for guidance, it's parenting.  Being a mother has taught me so much.  It has really helped me understand and accept how the Lord feels about me.  I never quite felt like I deserved His love before.  Now I'm really accepting that it's not about deserving it, I simply have it because I am His.  There is still so much for me to learn.  One of the greatest resources for me has been my Daily Bible.  It's written in chronological order which is easier for me to read and follow along when it's set-up this way.  But there is still so much I don't understand so I'm on the search for some online Bible studies or somewhere I can join in conversation with other Christians.  If you know of any resources (websites/online studies/books) I should check out,
please let me know!

I've also been praying a lot over the past year in regards to my business.  Asking God to let me know if it is part of His plan for me.  The undeniable truth is that I am a creative and visual person.  God set this fire in my heart from the beginning.  He has a plan for me to share this and I am so excited for it to unfold.

faith [feyth] noun
1. confidence or trust in a person or thing.
2. belief that is not based on proof.

Having "faith" has become like a little mantra for me.  It started with my wedding (that's a story for another time and it's not a bad thing) but the importance of having faith in others and in God has been revealing itself to me for a long time now.  It has come to the time where I need to put some of that same faith in myself.  I am capable of great things when I don't let fear stop me.  And so are you! 
What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
The answer to this question can really tell you alot about yourself. 

So that said I am immersing myself in studying ways to promote and build a creative business.  I'm building relationships with other creative business owners through blogging and other social media.  Since I am still a busy mom and time is a critical shortage, I've been attending some online seminars.  
Isn't the web a great place!?  Attend a seminar in the comfort of my pj's?  Yes please.  But it all comes back to the learning.  And a humbling of myself really.  I need to admit I do not have it all together and I AM indeed still learning.  But you know what?  Everyone starts somewhere.  

 This is my beginning.

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