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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

a little more

Remember in grade school when the teacher would have you stand up and tell the class what you did over  summer break?
Head back to second grade with me just a sec okay ; )

Despite the craziness of trying to sell our house and move to the country we have made the most of the free time we have had.  There have been vacations, camping, backyard playing, family visiting, boat rides, amusement parks, and typical summer shenanigans going on round these parts.

We explored the natural world in our back yards.

Went on a few camping trips and discovered some AMAZING sights.

Had some backyard sprinkler fun in the sun.

Enjoyed some fresh harvest from our garden.

Practiced being beach bums

Took in some amusements

And enjoyed a night out on the town with family (sans-kids no less!)

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These are the favorite moments that made my summer....it was awesome : )

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  1. Hi my friend! :) These pictures are beautiful!!! It looks like you and your family had such an amazing, overflowing summer!! :) I love being able to keep in touch on Instagram!! Thank you for loving my chickens ;) ~ Hope you're having a wonderful week! :)


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