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Thursday, September 5, 2013

gold fever


It seems that silver has had my heart for most of my life.

But lately there's a new kid in town...gold.  Sorry silver I didn't mean to cheat on you but surely there is room to love you both?  I'm crushing on gold's refreshing warmth right now.  Maybe because it reminds me of the sun.  Are there any other sun worshipers out there?  I don't mean tanners, I mean those that need the sun, like air, just to function.  Surely I'm not the only one?  And Gold, right now your subtle fire is warming me up and keeping me energized...bless your little heart ; )

I'm adoring these finds from fellow handmade artists on Etsy, be sure to check them out!

1. tangle earrings
2. glitter earrings
3. hammered bangles
4. infinity bracelet
5. leaf chain necklace
6. tiered necklace
7. stacked ring
8. leaf ring

And I've been wearing my own creation below like its my job :)  Love the way this one turned out!

Magnesite Teardrop and Gold Necklace

Have you been faithful to just one metal or are you poly-metal like I am becoming?


  1. Yes, there is always a time and outfit for gold! I'm definitely a brighter person when the sun is out... and wow you made the last one?! That necklace is gorgeous!

  2. Oh my goodness, your handmade necklace is just gorgeous!! I've always been a silver/white gold girl myself. My mom, on the other hand, can rock the gold! I just love the pieces you've picked and shared here!! :)


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