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Friday, September 13, 2013

feelings vs truth

I've often referred to myself as an "emotionally dynamic" person.  I find that description has proven to be quite accurate ;)  It's all about how something makes me feel.  That's not necessarily a bad thing and I'm learning to embrace this aspect of myself but there are also times when you need to separate yourself from the feelings and review the facts.

Despite my best efforts to do that in many areas lately, I find myself slipping back into those old behavior patterns and letting my emotions get upper hand.  Thankfully I have recognized it, and that's half the battle!  I even told Hubsy the other day that I was too emotionally invested at the moment to make a decision and that it would need to wait until I could bring myself back to "neutral".

It's so easy to let our emotions rule.  We fall victim to our own thoughts and feelings when we really need to lift our eyes and focus on what we know to be true.

Such a great list right?  What joy is found in these truths!  Feelings are good, they are a gift from God, but they should never overshadow these truths.  So if you feel like God is not around, know that these are true and He is fully invested in your life even in times you don't feel it.  He is there. Through everything.

Have a wonderful weekend!

1 comment:

  1. It is such a great list of beautiful truths!
    Sometimes, you have very little to cling to except for truths, and they are a mighty thing to hold :]
    Have a wonderful weekend!


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