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Friday, September 20, 2013

a classy football party

 A classy football party?  Can there really be such a thing?

When I think of a football party I usually think of greasy (albeit delicious) food and maybe some kitschy decorations.  Don't get me wrong kitschy definitely makes for a good football party, but I'm intrigued by the idea of throwing a slightly more grown-up version.  Hubsy loves him some football and I'd love to actually be able to have friends over to watch the game now that the boys are older and don't need to nap or be in bed really early.  Hmmm...maybe once our house situation is resolved.

So...how would one pull off a classy celebration of grunting, tackling, and throwing around the ol' pig skin?
Go vintage. Yep. Definitely vintage.
Instant class and credibility I tell ya.

I'd focus on the following themes:

~ Lettering
Choose classic sports fonts (like the ones seen here) for your invitations and any signage.

~ Stripes
Think striped jerseys/socks and referee stripes.  Maybe go for a striped tablecloth or napkins.
~ Stitching
That unmistakable football cross stitch.  Could be incorporated into food design or used on your printed materials as well.

~ Flags/Pennants
Have fun with these and string 'em up all over.  Nothing says party like a banner or pennant bunting.

Here's some additional inspiration to get you going on a sophisticated football party of your own.

1. flag cupcake toppers
2. concession stand chalkboard menu
3. penalty flag napkin holder
4. brew listing (love the use of the football's texture for the border)
5. pennant bunting

So what do you think?  Could I pull off a classy football party?  I think yes.  And you could too :)

Happy game watching!

Go Steelers!
(sorry I have to, I could not call myself a Pittsburgher if I did not give a shout out to the "Stillers" :)

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