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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Where is the LOVE....and creativity?

Valentine's Day is approaching and this is my oldest son's first Valentine's day in school.  I received a notification from his teacher about how the Valetine's are to be presented.
I was alittle surprised at what it said.

As I look back to my own childhood, the absolute best part of Valentine's day in school was making your valentine's box and exchanging valentines.  
We would all decorate our own shoebox (or other box) to receive our valentines in.  There would be contests, fun and food.  And I loved seeing what my friends wrote in my card.  Some kids didn't really write much of anything but there was still something about seeing your handwritten name in the To: and the giver's name in the From:.  After all, when your a kid you don't get much mail or handwritten letters so it was fun to get......and in this day and age you're lucky to get anything handwritten.....ever!

My most memorable valentine's in elementary school was the year my sister helped me make my LOVEbot.  We made my valentine box tall and made it look like a robot.  It had foil and hearts all over and dangling heart antennas on top of it's head.  It was so cute, I wish I had a pic to share.   
I of course won for best valentine box, 
all thanks to my big sis ; )

Anyway, back to my son.  The email said they are not to have anything written on their valentine accept the giver's name.  Absolutely no personalization allowed.  Any envelopes are to be left completely blank. 
How sad!
And while they are not making valentines boxes, they will be able to make a bag that day to collect their valentines.  The bags will be made with the materials provided at the school.  While there is certainly nothing wrong with this, I longed to see how my son would decorate his box if allowed to plan and use anythign he wanted.  
Maybe another year : )

So when I asked him if he wanted to make his own valentines or buy some Thomas or Spongebob valentines, I was happy to hear he wanted to make them himself.  Oh yeah, some of my creativity got passed down!  We creative souls love to find kindred spirits : )  
I helped him cut out the hearts but he loved picking out the paper we would use, stamping them (the boy loves a rubber stamp), and gluing down the hearts.  So proud of my budding artist!

On another nostalgic note, my mother always made a heart-shaped meatloaf for Valentine's Day and I always looked forward to it.  My boys love pancakes and sausage so we are making them heart shaped for Valentine's dinner....yes dinner...we love breakfast.... anytime.

What Valentine's traditions do you have?

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  1. wow! that is really sad :( i'm glad he still wanted to use handmade ones! we have been working on quite a few vday surprises! :) i'm hoping to do a post soon!

  2. Thanks for the comment Cory! Looking forward to seeing what you and Cate are doing!


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