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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fast tricks to tidy your home

 One of the first things I've been tackling in effort to take care of myself is organization.  
How does organization play into nurturing yourself?  
Easy...the more organized you are, the less stress you have.  
I'm ALL about de-stressing these days.  
I still have some work to do with organizing my house but it is coming along.  
Hey, organizing takes time you know but it is time well spent I assure you!
If you missed my first post on organization, you can read up on it here

Today I'm sharing some quick and easy tools 
you can use to  tame the clutter crazies.

~ Stacks ~
Have a cluttered coffee table?  
Make your stacks intentional.  
Corral those magazines and books, stack them high and add a nice little topper like flowers or a candle.

~ Trays ~
 Have a bunch of loose items in your bathroom or on your dresser?  
Tidy them up by combining them all on a pretty tray.  
It will look like an artful arrangement rather than a bunch of strewn items.

~ Baskets ~
 Baskets offer not only aesthetically appealing storage but they can help you clean up in a jiffy. 
Company coming over?  
Just toss it all in a basket and you're good to go.

~ Bowls ~
Bowls can work much the same as baskets, 
and there are a ton of options no matter what your style.

Containers can be so much fun to shop for.  Don't be overwhelmed 
by the variety out there.  You can stick to something neutral to play it safe or 
you can get a little funky.  I adore the urn used for the kitchen utensils above.   
Its traditional in nature and style but funky in the way that it is being used...t
he best of both worlds!  
Use you imagination and have fun...
and watch the clutter virtually disappear :)

*Many of the ideas for this post came from here.
** Yes, I changed my look again...just can't help myself ;)


  1. I am a HUGE fan of baskets. I have all sorts of container things in every single room. Loved this post, Krista. Keep the organizing posts coming!!

  2. I love the new look! And i love the idea of organization! I've been trying to organize my life too..currently working on a "project life" binder! :)

  3. girl, i love these! such inspiration here. when we had babies, we put away everything knick knacky and stacky to make life easier. but i do miss it all! i guess i'm scared of more work and dusting. haha! so many great tips to remember. thank you! and your blog is looking so lovely.

  4. Hi Krista!

    First off - I love the new look of the blog! Has it really been that long since I stopped by? (Shame on me!)

    I love all of the pictures you've found. I WISH that I could "openly" organize better. Those stacks would be strewn across the floor in NO time around here. Sigh. Maybe one day. :)

    Hope you're having a good week!

  5. Awesome tips! And I LOVE the new layout! Looks fabulous! I hope you're having a great week! :]


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