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Friday, May 3, 2013

Do what you love and do it often

Hi all!
These words sum up my state of mind lately pretty well. 
That said, I'll be taking a little posting hiatus for a few weeks to
concentrate on some other personal goals. 
I'm excited for what life has coming my way and hope to be 
renewed and ready to share some sweet insights when I return.
In the meantime you can follow me on IG @krista2021
to keep up with me, I hope to chat with you there ;)

Happy Friday friends!
May your weekend be blessed with sunshine in your hearts :)


  1. I'll miss you! But I completely understand. No instagram for me, but maybe i'l see you on facebook! :)

  2. This is exactly what I needed!! Especially "don't overanalyze everything" and "some opportunities only come once, seize them" Pinning this so I can remember it!

  3. Good luck! I saw your post on IG from Shift Happens! Adding that book to my must-read list. I'm currently reading "Lean In" and think that you would really like it!

  4. Hi my beautiful friend :) I'm just popping in to say hi!! I haven't been posting as much lately either! I will definitely look you up on Instagram, though, that would be so fun!! I hope you and your family are doing well :) Have a blessed day and wonderful weekend!!

  5. I love this and definitely need to take a little break from a few things ever so often just to refresh!

  6. enjoy your break. hope you feel renewed when you get back. and have fun doing the things you love!

  7. Love your post!!! You are so authentic! Enjoy your break. And great job at taking the road that inspires you. You have the most adorable blog-page/site ;) I am a new blogger so check me out at theinspiredpath!

    Stay inspired!
    -Christy :)

  8. I hope your break is going great!

    I love this except for one part, "if you're looking for love stop" - I think we should never stop looking. for anything. And while the premise of doing what you love to find love is spot on. I think we should always have our out for new friends, new loves, seeing old acquaintances in new ways. etc etc :)


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