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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

finish this | week 8

What a week! It seems like life has been all over the place this week.  It's fun to take a little break and "finish this" :)

1. My favorite comfort food is
Lasagna! Lasagna! Lasagna! That ooey-gooey-cheesy-metly goodness is just oh-so-hard to resist.  Hubsy's recipe is my favorite, he uses cottage cheese instead of ricotta.  And it's a rare treat too because he doesn't make it very often.

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2. My most memorable birthday was
my first birthday party with school friends.  My birthday is in the summer so I never got to celebrate it in school with my class and one year my parents had a party for me at our house with the whole class invited.  It was awesome for me at that young age and it really made me feel super special to be able to have a party with kids other than my cousins.  Most birthdays these days are pretty quiet, definitely no party involved.   Hmmm...maybe I need to remedy that ;)

3. The best karaoke song is
every song!  I am a singer, albeit a terrible one.  I love to belt out pretty much anything.  I used to get embarrassed when I was younger and I would be out running errands with my mom and she would start singing whatever song was on in the store.   I was all 'I don't know this lady, I just happen to be walking beside her'.  She would always laugh at me and tell me I would do the same thing to my kids one day.  And I totally DO!  I love to sing along to any song that's on and watch them roll their eyes at me.  Oh and Hubsy just loves it too, he's always telling me that "Karaoke night isn't until tomorrow" while he tries to mask himself behind his glasses/hand/hat whatever he can find to hide behind. 

4. Boots make me feel
sassy.  Whether it be fashionable knee high boots or hiking boots, they make me feel like I can tackle anything.
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5. I am grateful
for God's faithfulness this past year.  I used to suffer from TMJ pain pretty much daily.  After years of nothing my dentist or doctor recommended working, I finally pursued chiropractics and it has been a literal God-send.  I then began to suffer from significant fatigue and inability to focus.  I finally listened to the inner voice in my head telling me it wasn't just normal "mom-tired".  Went to have blood-work done and found out I was low on iron and been taking supplements ever since which has helped a good bit.  And just when we thought we had no hope of selling our house and moving to our humble hilltop homestead, God stepped in and found a way.  I prayed fervently in all of these areas and God answered, maybe not right away like I wanted ;) ...but in His time.  I am so blessed and so very very thankful for it.

Happy hump day!

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  1. Love your responses!!!! Oh my stars, that lasagna looks AH-MAZING. I think we should have a virtual karaoke party. HA!!!!

  2. mmmm, lasagna. And #5?? I love #5!

  3. That is the hardest part....letting God do his work, HIS way!

  4. Yum, lasagna - I love my Mom's lasagna nothing like it to me!
    And YES do birthdays, celebrate you! I fully believe birthdays amazing and should be celebrated to the top each and every year!
    I love the boots you put into your post!


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