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Monday, January 7, 2013

Kids say the darndest things...

Kids are such a joy...and if you have one in your life, they're probably like mine and make you laugh all the time. I like to try and write down a lot of the funny things my kids say so I can look back and get another laugh at it down the road.  I'd like to show them how silly they were one day.

I even had T-shirt made for part of Hubsy's Christmas gift that has a funny thing E said on it that we laugh about all the time.  You know, it just grew into one of those things for us :)

A lot of them don't even make sense which is partly what makes them funny.


During bath time (which is normally filled with bubbles), he dunked his head and came up with bubbles all stuck to his hair but he didn't know it.  He came in the bedroom and I laughed and 
told him to go look in the mirror.
L: " Mom, I looked like an old man!  I almost had a beer!"

We were talking about how I am the only female in the house, now even our dog is a boy.
L: "That's not true mom, there is my fish."
Me: "Oh yeah, how can you tell which fish is a girl?"
L:  "The big bossy one"


While performing "surgery" on the bed.  (Weird right?)
E: "Don't worry, you're going to die soon but we'll try to fix it".
I hope being a doctor is not in his future or he may need to work on his bedside manner!

During one of the bazillion times a night he gets up and comes over to our room.
E: "Mom, my teeth are making a strange noise, I need you to check them"
Say what?  That boy can come up with some fantastic excuses for coming over to our room.

After eating.
E: Look how fat my belly is, do you think I'm having a baby?"

A sweet one.
E: "Mom, Jesus really DID die on the cross for us"

Many of E's have to do with his bowel movements.  
You may want to stop reading now, you've been warned ;)

E: "I think I'm having diarrhea because of the different sounds coming out of my butt"
E: "My poop looks like Mickey Mouse"

Hope you got a chuckle like I did!


  1. LOVE IT!!! God knew we needed laughter for this Parenthood gig. : )

  2. I always get a good laugh when I read the things that your kids say :)

  3. haha!!! They are funny little toots! Love it.

  4. oh these are hilarious!! loving them and yes kids do say the darndest things!

  5. OMG! I could NOT stopping laughing...especially at the last two! This is too cute and I can, but I can't, wait for this stage!!!

    The Jesus one just tugged at my heart a little, LOVE it!!!

  6. LOL! These are so funny! I particularly like "The big bossy one!"
    I try to write these things down, too. The things they come up with -- it's the little things, right?
    Hope you're having a great week, Miss Krista! :)

  7. The big bossy one!!!! Hahaha...my favorite.

    Kids say THE best things. I need to start writing down what Charlie says.

    Have a great weekend, Krista!

  8. Oh my goodness, these were hilarious and so cute!!! :) I LOVE the crazy, silly things kids say!! I am forever trying to grab something to write with when my girls say something off the wall, just so I can keep it just the way they said it :) Kids say the best things! I hope you're doing well :) Have a wonderful day!!

  9. These are hysterical! Love it!

    And like the new blog colors :] Lovely!

  10. So funny!!! Kids really do say the dardnest things... I can't wait to have a kid because I can only imagine what my kid would come up with! ha!


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