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Monday, March 25, 2013

It's been a while...

...since I linked up with Carissa for Miscellany Monday.

Here's a little bit of what's been going on in my neck of the woods lately.

1.  Been doing a lot of this lately...taking care of myself and finding time to relax that is.  
Still wish I could work in more soaks in the tub, I'm lucky if I take a bath instead of a shower
once or twice a year.  Got to do it more! 

2. We recently had friends over for an evening of virtual bowling,
 beer, and these sweet little blondies.  Oh my were they good.  I think 
I may have enjoyed eating the batter most ;)  
It's the baker's right to lick the bowl and spoon I say.

3. There is simply WAY TOO MUCH of this.  
I try to keep positive because Spring will indeed come but
the snow and lack of sun is seriously starting to get depressing.
I live vicariously through my IG friends who share their spring pics.
I am just itching to grill out and go on a hike already!

4.  Took the boys to Tractor Supply cruisin' for chicks ;)
We were not disappointed.  These sweeties were my favorite ones.
I seriously want a few chickens in the worst way but I'm not sure how my neighbors 
would feel about that one.  I could maybe give them free eggs?
Alas I don't think I can take on chickens this year *sigh*
One day my sweeties...one day.

5. I let Valentine's Day slip by with out much in the way of decor 
and I refuse to let that happen for Easter!  I started putting out some decorations
and printed out this lovely vintage egg I got off Pinterest
but I have a few more projects I want to finish.
Hopefully I can get them done before Sunday!
6. Oh hey...I got dressed up.
Yes it's a big deal for me that's why there's so many pictures ;)
We had an annual fundraiser gala to go to so this was my "one time a year to dress up" night.
Hubsy said why don't you go ahead and buy a new dress rather than wear the same one as last year?
Seriously, what girl would say no?  So I got this Calvin Klein baby at Ross Dress for Less
and it fits like a glove.  I'm happy to report that I have lost 8 pounds since January 1st.
Been trying to eat a lot more healthy and "clean".  Not following any particular diet strictly by any means
which is probably why I have not lost more.  I'm happy that it is starting to come off though...
only 10 more pounds to go!

Have a happy Easter week my dears!
What's up in your neck of the woods?


  1. Congrats on your weight loss! You really look great girl. I love that dress... Can't go wrong with Ross! ;)

  2. That dress looks gorgeous on you! What a stunning color :) And I love that he told you to go buy a dress! If only I could get M to start telling me to go buy more, but I think that he would make me get rid of a bunch first.

  3. wow krista you are stunning in that blue color! it is such a gorgeous color and your hair cut is so cute!!


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