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Monday, March 11, 2013

Virtual Smashbook | Fashion Loves

Anna over at IHOD is a master of color and texture.  She recently began a series 
called family threads featuring the adorable stylings of her kiddos too.
She's also expecting her 3rd baby so look to her for some fun fashionable maternity ideas!

Madeline at Uber Chic for Cheap amazes me with her ability to totally transform thrift finds.
Oh how I wish I had some sewing skills!
I just know my Goodwill store is full of treasure if only I had her vision and talent.

Audrey at Putting Me Together has got the "re-mixing your wardrobe" thing perfected!
Her "Building a Remixable Wardrobe" series is a must read.
I'm even using her "Starter Kit Shopping List" to guide me as I slowly work 
to rebuild/remix my own closet.

Camille at LiM serves up some pretty sweet DIY's for style on the cheap...perfect!
A former model, this mama has style to spare.  
I love her clever and very do-able DIY tutorials!
This one and this one are my favorites :)

Hope you enjoyed a peek into my virtual smashbook at these 
fashionable ladies :)
I hope you found some inspiration here like I did!


  1. I wish I had sewing skills as well...that would make thrifting so much more fun!!

  2. in honor of design is so sweet i love her blog and her sense of style. putting me together is another great blog she really teaches you how to rework clothing items you currently own and how to wear them in different ways


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