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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Don't miss the in-between

There are so many things I want to do and accomplish with my life.  My list is soooo long.

Take more pictures
Join a church group
Blog more
Redecorate the house
Visit family
Plan a girls night out with friends
Eat right
Keep a clean house
Do art projects with the kiddos on a regular basis
Cook one new recipe a week

I could go on and on...and on and on and on...you feel me?

I like to consider myself a emotionally dynamic passionate person :)  I get frustrated easily but I also get inspired and fired up quickly for things that matter to me.  This usually leads to frustration that I can't DO all of these things Right. Now.  But I think about them alot.  Maybe more than I should.

Does this happen to you?

We are so caught up in our busy busy busy that we forget to stop and just breathe.  Stop obsessing.  Life is still happening and we aren't even fully present in it because we are always so focused on the future and all the things we want to accomplish with this precious life.  But I don't want to forget to live it and I bet you don't either.  I encourage you to find some small ways to be more present in your day.

Take a slow inhale of your morning coffee/tea
Look people in the eye when they're talking to you (I'm so guilty of this even with my kids sometimes!)
Get off your smart phone...take a brief walk
Hug someone
Lift your face to the sun and feel the warmth it provides
Chew your food slowly and really taste it
Listen to music

 What are some small ways you can find to be present in the in-between?

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  1. Hi Krista! You have a really cute blog! This post is soo good, great ideas to enjoy the now!


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