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Monday, October 21, 2013

seven year itch | family room inspiration

We've been in our current home for about 7 years or so.  Much of our furniture is closer to 10 years old but sadly it is drooping and fraying and really looking more like twice it's age.
Sshhhh....don't tell my couch I said that, it has served us well and I wouldn't want to part on bad terms ;)
However there's no denying that the itch has begun to freshen everything up with a new look so I thought I'd share our inspirations with all of you!

The only hurdle is exactly which family room I will be making over ;)  For any new readers out there, we are in the process of trying to sell our home and move to a smaller home in the country.  It has been a roller coaster of an experience but it will be ending soon come hell or high water!  So the question remains, will I be remodeling our current family room or one in a new house?
Your guess is as good as mine....stay tuned!

Either way this is the color scheme I will be working from, although our wood choices will probably lean more towards darker tones.  Thanks again Pinterest!  Seriously, I don't know how I ever decorated our home before without it!?!  (You can follow me here)

image via

We actually picked out a slightly more bluish gray for the walls...Rocky Mountain Sky from Behr.  Below is an example of the look I hope to be incorporating, including pieces from some of my favorite stores....Target and IKEA....can I get an AMEN!!!

1. IKEA Hemnes Coffee Table
2. Target Slipper Chair
3. IKEA Ektorp Sofa
4.  Amazon Natural Storage Bin
5.  Amazon Metro Rug
6.  Target Ruffle Shear
7.  Amazon Barnwood Trunk
8.  Amazon Chevron Accent Pillow
9.  Amazon Silver Serving Tray

I can't wait to get started!
Do any of these pieces strike your fancy?


  1. I love that throw pillow with the couch, and that rug, oh and that chair! :) hope you post after pics whenever you finish.

  2. I so deeply pray that you and your family are able to move to a home in the country...and that you can get chickens! ;) I hope everything works out!! You have such beautiful taste! I adore the furniture and the paint colors...so lovely and soothing! ~ I have decided that we will not be getting any new furniture until the girls have gone to college! Ha! LOL ;) ~ Hope you're having a wonderful week!!


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