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Monday, April 14, 2014

where's she been?

Yeah, it's been a little while since I posted.
Where've I been?
Aside from the normal goings on of life (which we'll get to) there has been a lot of analyzing and self-searching going on in this little brain of mine.  And if I'm totally honest, some insecurity too.  You know that lie where you think you need to have it all together to be worth sharing yourself with others?

Yeah, well I mistakenly buy into that from time to time but I'm always reminded that blogging is an outlet for me.  I don't always have something profound to say and that's ok.  This is my place to share my creative loves, my fragile soul and strengthening faith, as well as the little moments that I just don't want to forget.

On that note, here's little bit of what's been brewing at the "Hilltop Homestead" lately. Yep, I've dubbed the new place.  A little idea I stole from my sweet friend Amanda that I'm blessed to have "met" through blogging.  You should go check out her "half-acre-home-on-the-range" and "happy foods" garden over at Chaos and Coffee.

To say we love our new place is a bit of an understatement.  I am obsessed with the fields and skies that I am now blessed to see every day.  The only downfall of our new home is the wind, man it really whips living on the top of a hill!  The crazy disheveled hair it gives me is a small price to pay and Hubsy always liked me in a baseball cap anyway :)

Barns *sigh* I just love 'em!
My favorite field.

Sun setting right through the hole of a dilapidated barn....gorgeous.

The busyness of life has picked up a bit again as we head into spring which means Hubsy will be working all.the.time.  Boo.  These months are hard on us but we do our best to get through them, making memories where we can.

Sometimes a quick card game before bed helps us to unite as a family at the end of the day.

A little adventuring helps too - our first Geocaching experience - we're hooked!

Making our mark to make our new house a home.

Life is a cycle of resting and working, dreaming and growing. The secret is to treasure all of it!

Make it a great week friends ~ There is much to be thankful for and hopeful about!


  1. Your view out in the country looks so peaceful! Looks like life is treating you well these days!

  2. Wow the views at your new place are amazing! I sometimes dream about living out in the country myself. It looks so peaceful!


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