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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

the peaceful perfectionist


It's no news flash that I am an introvert.  But I seem to have been going through this mid-life crisis of sorts for a year or two now.  I've been very introspective and wanting to learn more about myself so I can live more authentically.  I'm not hiding any more, I've been sharing much more of myself than before.  But the fact remains that I'm an introvert, I need quiet and alone time. So now when I need to pull back and let myself refuel in quiet solitude, I do so without feeling guilty about it because I understand that it is a valid need of mine..


I never could resist a good personality quiz so if you know of any, please share!  The following is an excerpt from Renee Swope's "A Confident Heart Devotional" which I started at the beginning of lent.  It's actually taken from Florence Littauer's book "Personality Plus" and I think it is incredibly accurate.  We all have aspects of each of these personality types but most people have one or two that they strongly identify with.

So take a gander at them for yourself.  Which one(s) are you?

Phlegmatic: Desires PEACE
Needs times of quiet, reduced stress, feeling of worth, respect
Strengths                  Relational Challenges
Calm                         Stubborn
Adds balance            Uninvolved
Witty                         Procrastinates
Low-key                   Unenthusiastic
Considerate               Hard to motivate
Reliable                     Denial
Makes peace            Careless

Choleric: Desires CONTROL
Needs appreciation for achievements, opportunity for leadership, participation in decisions
Strengths                 Relational Challenges
Problem solver         Opinionated
Decisive                   Workaholic tendency
Natural leader           Usurps authority
Good organizer         Insensitive
Task oriented           Arrogant
High energy             Manipulative
Excels in crisis          Has a hard time admitting their faults

Sanguine: Desires FUN
Needs interaction, affection, approval, attention
Strengths                  Relational Challenges
Loves people            Emotional
Friendly                    Dislikes schedules
Exciting                    Makes excuses
Humorous                Gets bored easily
Charming                 Loses track of time
Creative                   Takes on too much
Thrives on activity    Easily distracted
Great storyteller

Melancholy: Desires PERFECTION
Needs understanding, stability, support, space, silence
Strengths                 Relational Challenges
Works well alone      Easily depressed
Planner                     Lacks spontaneity
Organized                 Naively idealistic
Accurate                  Thrifty to extremes
Intuitive                    Doesn’t do well under pressure
Fair                          Perfectionist
Creative                   Hard to please
Empathetic               Discontent
Good with numbers

I am without a doubt a Phlegmatic Melancholy, or as I prefer to think of it....a peaceful perfectionist :)
The "strengths" that best describe me are makes peace, low-key, adds balance, planner, intuitive, fair, empathetic, and creative.  The list of relational challenges that best describes me are probably uninvolved, stubborn, thrifty to extremes, doesn't do well under pressure (I get just a wee bit crabby!), perfectionist, and easily depressed.  Perhaps that doesn't paint the prettiest picture but in all reality these are my instinctive behaviors.  Doesn't mean I can't modify them and that's what I'm working on.  I want to be more involved and relational with people but honestly it does not come naturally.


  And I will leave you with a fun little coffee related personality quiz....I'm a latte : )


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