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Thursday, August 28, 2014

goodbye summer

From sweltering in June to wearing a jacket in August.  From days of overloaded schedules to days where you don't even look at the clock because time simply doesn't matter.  From the burden of big decisions and change to peace in the knowledge that God is working all things for our good.

2014 was the summer of extremes.

The (somewhat) short of it...

Hiked the nestled and windy trials that led to the glorious splendor that is Hocking Hills, Oh.

Began a Paleo diet and finally began to lose weight and not be exhausted ALL the time.

Lounged on the beach with our toes in the sand and looked on as our boys splashed and giggled and made memories that they (and us) will cherish.

Watched my boys stretch out of their comfort zones and learn something new...Tae Kwon Do.  Boy do I love watching them practice their blocks and kicks.  The spark of confidence has found them :)

Nurtured seedlings into a bountiful garden.  Well ok, maybe not all of it was bountiful but zucchini, tomatoes, and peppers for sure!

Tried our hands at canning...homemade salsa, pepper relish, and pickles.

Celebrated the gift of family and the ties that bind us to our roots no matter time or distance.

Hubsy was finally able to quite his day job after 3 years of building his own business (a lot of blood sweat and tears on both our parts). Woohoo!

Kiddos began attending a new school.  Scary for L.  Total excitement for E.  I love how they have their own unique personalities.

Marveled at the artistry of our creator that is oh so evident in the sunsets we are treated to every night.  Love our new house/location.  The sky is just so HUGE.

And now for the pics...

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  1. Looks like your summer was well spent... Especially when you can get some beach time in. Congrats on your successful Paleo diet!


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