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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

You know it's love when....

your Hubsy covers for you to your MIL to save you face.

Me Hubsy did this very thing.  
Not to condone dishonesty but I can't help but appreciate this sweet display of his love.  
We all know I am not a domestic goddess.  
Well if I am not, my MIL most certainly is...at least where cleaning is concerned.  
She has cleaned houses for a living y'all.  She knows clean very well.  I am always embarrassed when she comes over cause I just can't keep up with our mess.  She NEVER makes bad comments to me about it though and often offers to help, just want to make that clear.  But she did ask Me Hubsy the other day a question about one of my cleaning habits and he gracefully covered for me, said I cleaned it regularly, and saved me some pride.  Albeit false pride since I know I don't really do a good job at cleaning but hey...I'll take it.  Somehow there is always a sense of appreciation and love when you know your Hubsy stands up for you to his mom.  I guess it is that reaffirmation from the Bible that he has let go of his mother and father and is clinging to his wife.

Has your Hubsy ever covered for you?


  1. Aw! My husband has covered for me a lot. Mostly coming up with excuses to get us out of doing something social but he would totally lie to his mama for me. ;-)

  2. your hubsy thinks the best of you and wants his mama to also. that is so sweet. my honey would totally do the same. hope you are having a lovely day, sweet krista!

  3. Aw!!! That's great!!! Always makes you smile ot know he has your back :)

  4. You hubsy is the best!

    As for cleaning, eh...it's not important. What's more important:

    clean house all the time? ORRRR
    spending time with hubsy and two cutie patutie boys?

    My vote? The latter. Hope you have a great weekend, Krista!


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