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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

March - Photo a day Project - Part 2

Here's the second batch of photos from the March Photo-a-day project.
Yea, I know I'm like 4 days last with this...oh well.  Sometimes life gets in the way :)

{16} Sunglasses - the best ones double as a headband to hold your hair back when you need them to
{17} Green - our grass is loving this spring weather
{18} Corner of your home - the messiest one!

{19} Funny - Austin Powers is hilarious!
{20a} Before - Someone teach me how to do collages on my Instagram app PLEASE!
{20b) After
{21) Delicious - my favorite guilty pleasure snack, animal crackers dipped in store bought icing...YUM!

{22} Kitchen sink - My bluebird of happiness resides on the shelf above my sink
{23} Moon - My moon on the back of my business card :)
{24} Animal - A turtle bead I've had forever, just waiting to be made into something beautiful.

{25} Breakfast - Applesauce Oatmeal Muffins - I have one probably every other day if not more.
{26} Your name
{27} Trash - banana peel, I'm a monkey what can I say?

{28} Feet - my painted tootsies
{29} Toy - The Bone Knapper dragon, I have boys remember? Their toys tend to be gruesome.
{30} Where you relax - I hardly ever relax until I hit my bed, I'm working on that :)

Join in for April's fun won't you?


  1. Love the moon on your card! So whimsical and classy....and can't wait to see what you do with the turtle bead. I know it will be beautemous :)

  2. Download Diptic to make the collages!! It's so easy to work with!! :)

  3. All of your pictures are so cute! I really wish I had an iphone so I could take cool instagram pics!


  4. look at you in those sassy shades! you pretty lady, you! and your toes?! beautiful! you could be a foot model. my monkey like toes are jealous. ; )

  5. Download picframe for collages. That's what I use. Also, animal crackers in icing is one of my faves too! I also like graham cracker sticks in icing! Your post is making me crave this and I have none of these items in the pantry! I'm so glad you found my blog bc now I'm a follower of yours, and I'm really enjoying reading your past posts!

  6. I use Diptic for collages too. Very easy to work with.


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