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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sometimes they just need a Mama

Me: "Please try to stop crying"
E: *sniff* *sniff* "o-tay"  *sniff* *moan* *sob*
Me: "It's ok sweetpea, mama's here"

My little man woke last night crying.  
This is not necessarily unusual.
He's a lot like me, we don't do well when awoken from sleep.
I went to his room, told him everything was ok, tucked him back in and 
left the room expecting the crying to stop.  
Because usually that's enough to do it.  
But not last night.  
He kept crying. 
I started to get frustrated because I didn't want him to wake L up (who's been having sleeping issue of his own lately).  I went back in and told E to settle down, there was nothing wrong.
We try to encourage self-sufficiency in our kids where sleeping is concerned.  Not that we will never lay with them but once you do it (like when they're sick or what have you), they wake every night wanting you to come lay with them.  This may sound harsh but we just can't co-sleep all the time, then me Hubsy and I end up not sleeping and things can get pretty cranky around my house in a hurry.

There was just something about the way E was acting that I knew the usual process wasn't going to work.  So I scooped him up in my arms and rocked him a bit.  And as I did so I kept thinking "Thank you God for giving me this one more time".  My frustration at his crying vanished and I was suddenly so thankful that this little man, who is growing up all to quickly, was content to be rocked again.  
It was such a blessing for me.
I caressed his sweet head and after a moment he told me he was settled.
The sobbing stopped.
His little eyes closed.
And he whispered "I love you".
Often I get so caught up in teaching them something...patience, self-sufficiency, etc...
that I forget that sometimes they just need me to be their Mama.
Just be with them.
There in that moment.
Sharing whatever they are going through so they know that they are not alone.
Sometimes that is more powerful than actually fixing whatever is going on.
After all how many times do I still want my own Mom?
Not to necessarily fix my problem, I'm too old for that, just to simply be with me, 
so I know that no matter what I'm not alone.


  1. You're such a wonderful mama. Agreed, sometimes we just need our mama, and that's all. :)

  2. We are the same as far as sleeping is concerned. But, I do love to sing and rock. And the whispering I love you made me choke back tears!

  3. As I wipe the tears after reading this post, I need to remember the same thing when it comes to Cate. Thanks for this post, Krista! You're a good momma!

  4. Got more to say, but things to do right now...nonetheless, you must know this - favorite post ever! (even though I think I've said that about another one of your posts!) That "thankful for one more time" feeling...I get it. Being a momma is such a gift and such a privilege. Way to go, Girl! Love those boys with all you got! Much love and Happy Easter Weekend! ~ K

  5. How incredibly sweet. And you made me tear up again! ;)

    I completely understand that frustration you feel -- but the moments when that passes and you realize the specialness of that time -- that's priceless!

    Beautiful post! And good luck at the vendor sale! I would TOTALLY come if I didn't live hundreds of miles away! ;)

  6. Oh my goodness, what a sweet post! Being a mama is such a blessing. The responsibilities can be overwhelming and exhausting sometimes, but also incredibly fulfilling. This is what we were designed to do! Your babies are so lucky to have you as their mama!

  7. AW! It makes my heart melt to read how he took comfort in his mothers arms, even though he's not a baby anymore. Goes to show that we all need our mommies, no matter how old we get. :) Happy Easter to you and yours, btw.

  8. Sometimes they just need their momma. Parenting can be hard. We have to make hard decisions. We also have to figure out the appropriate times to teach a lesson and to comfort them. I think you are doing a great job! But, what I think doesn't matter. It is what your kiddos think and I bet they agree. :)


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