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Thursday, August 30, 2012

I needed that - Part 2

I saved the best for last  :)

Introducing....the stars of the show!
The wild horses

Is there anything more glorious than wild horses on the beach? 
I think not.

See for yourself 
(picture overload here, I couldn't stop myself...you've been warned)

Yes that's a pile of pooh, but basking next to these beauties I say who cares!?!
No horses were harmed in the taking of this photograph, they were simply taking a snooze :)
Grazing in the marshes on the bay side of the island.

The day we left there was the most stunning sunrise and Hubsy did a great job of capturing it, 
these photos are unaltered!

And now for my favorite photo from the entire trip...ta da!

Until next year my beautiful island....


  1. Beautiful! I want that first picture hanging on my wall.

  2. Amazing! What kind of camera do you use again??

  3. where oh where is this again? and just wild horses, randomly roaming?! I would have died on the spot WHAT GLORIOUS PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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