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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Day in the Life.....

A fellow blogger had this wonderful idea to start a blog link up of ladies to share their blogs and mama moments/tips today and I'm thrilled to be a part of it.  Check out Natalie's blog below.

Random kid story.....

I've been pretty busy lately (who hasn't) and feeling bad about it so last night I wanted to dedicate some time to just playing with my boys.  Liam will be 5 in March and Ethan will be 2 in March.  They were born 2 years and 355 days apart.  Almost 3 years to the day and no we did not plan it that way :)

I had a few things to finish up and told Liam if he could play by himself for 15 more minutes that I would have some time to play with him.  
"You're the best Mommy ever"!  
Talk about breaking your heart.

So what did we play you ask?  First we played doctor with their new medical cart they got from Grandpa and Nona for Christmas.  A definite favorite.  Works for me cause I can lay down and be the patient!  Ethan gave me a shot in the cheek and then a kiss to make it all better.  Too sweet that one.

Next it was on to "Barber Shop".  Liam grabbed all his tools (a spraybottle of water, my round brush and pick, a couple barrettes, my eyebrow brush, eyelash curler, and my headband).  Who says you can't have girly fun with boys?  
Liam loves to "do my hair".  Of course he mostly just sprayed it with the water bottle.  He told me he was going to make me Barbie (wow, I'd like to see that one!).  After he had my hair wet, he decided it needed blow dried so he grabs his marshmallow shooter (empty of course) and shoots puffs of air onto my hair.  I was cracking up!  When I asked how I looked he said 
"you're not Barbie"....Well duh!

It was a bunch of fun and I needed it just as much as they did!  It's amazing what a little play time can do for your soul 
so get out there and have some fun!


  1. thanks so much for linking up to my blog for A Day in the Life!! I loved reading your post. i'm your newest follower too! and howwww stinkin cute is your liam. i love those sweet play time moments with my sophia. She does my hair...but not as cute as your little liam though, she just brushes and then ever so often i get a whack with the brush on the head and then a few bobby pins stuck in haha. can't wait to follow your blog!

  2. Little boys are so funny aren't they?! Sounds like yall had fun playing last night. I know what you're talking about when you say you get so busy - I feel like I'm in a race every evening to get supper cooked, baby fed and bathed and put to bed. It feels like there's so little time for play.

    Now following your from Natalie's blog. Isn't she the cutest?

  3. Your boys sound hilarious!! Kids are just so much fun!!! I can't wait to start keeping up with your blog! I hopped over from the Busy Budgeting Mama! :)

  4. Thanks for the comments! And a huge THANK YOU to Natalie for organizing this. It has been so enjoyable to check out all your blogs. I'm very new at it and you are all so inspirational. I'm very much looking forward to reading your posts and getting to know you better.

  5. How cute. If he made you look like Barbie, I'd have to come visit. LOL! Love your Day in the LIfe!

  6. How fun! So many times, I feel like I'm so busy all the time and I just don't have time to sit down to a tea party with my little one. Your post reminded me of just how important those moments are, to us and to our kids! :-)


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