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Sunday, January 9, 2011

So much to do....so little time

As you know the first goal for the business 
this year is to have a 
home showing of my designs.  
Well having a full-time "other job" and two small boys makes this task a bit more daunting than it would normally be.  
Today I'm working on revamping my business cards 
to have a more simplified/uncluttered look.  
Not to mention plugging away on
building up my stock.  
All this has to be accomplished while my boys are napping.  As I look at the clock I see that nap time is just about up 
so I need to get cranking.  I can also hear the 
clinking of coins upstairs, 
this means my oldest son Liam is indeed NOT napping.  
He likes to get out his money from the piggie bank 
and play with it for some reason.
My Mom will be here shortly to check out some of my new designs.  Being as she's my Mom, I expect she'll gush over them.
  Aren't Moms great!!!

Wish me luck as a prepare for my first showing...I'm thinking late Feb?  I'll post the date when it's set.

Ta-ta for now....

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  1. I'll bet your new stuff looks as great in real life as they do in the pictures!


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