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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tough guy meets Teddy Bear

In a home full of cars, trains, helicopters, jeeps, and everything remote control under the sun, my jewelry is about the only girly thing you'll find.  Clearly testosterone outweighs estrogen in my household:)  
Aside from the dog, I am the only female..... 
so I thought I'd start a line of men's jewelry to bedeck my hubbie and boys.  After all, guys can be stylish too right?  The first design is a necklace for my husband made from Mabolo wood.

I L O V E the mabolo wood.  
Originating in the Phillipines, the striation of warm tones in this wood are just beautiful.... 
deep dark coffee color mixed with warm chestnut.

I paired it with some silver bicones with a real industrial feel.  I like the juxtiposition the warm wood makes with these colder metal beads.   

Perfect for a guy like my husband....Tough guy meets teddy bear : )

Will be posting to my Etsy Shop soon!

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  1. I LOVE it!!! what a great idea. you are so crafty! Thanks for linking up to my blog for the 'A Day in the Life!!'

  2. I love them too!! I can't wait to check our your etsy site! :)


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