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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Woe is me? I think not.

So I got a good dose of perspective this weekend.  Saturday was admittedly not a good day but you know how sometimes you get stuck in that rut of "oh poor me"?  That was me.

Started out with my youngest son falling down the stairs.  Every mother's nightmare as you watch your precious child get hurt and there is nothing you can do about it.  It was one of those moments where it all happens in a split second but you can replay every tumble in you mind.  
Luckily he only bruised his hand and arm a bit.  

That afternoon my husband and I went to pick up my car from getting an oil change 
and tire rotation.  Pretty normal and unexciting right?  Well as I pull out of the shop and 
onto the road I feel the car shaking.  As I often think something is wrong when there is not, 
I dismissed it at first.  A second or two later I'm pulling off the road. 
 The car WAS SHAKING....AND BAD.  
I called my hubbie and told him to turn around, there was definitely something wrong with the car.  
Four of the five lug nuts had come off and my tire was diagonal, barely hanging on.  Had I driven a few more feet it would have come off completely.  The mechanics checked to make sure there wasn't more damage to the car being that I drove it without a secure wheel and replaced a few things but acted like it was no big deal and I was really upset.  I could have been in a serious accident or hurt someone else!  This was a major roadway for Pete's sake!  Didn't they understand the severity!  
My anger was getting the best of me.

Later in the evening I was trying to get some laundry done since we have been battling a plumbing clog and not able to use it for a few days until we got it cleared.  Well I put a load in and went down to put it in the dryer and what welcomed me?
A half inch of water all over the floor!  
It had clogged and overflowed again, but even worse than before.  Could this day get any worse!  Needless to say I went to bed in a sour mood.

This morning though....God gave me a good dose of perspective.  I woke up a bit early and couldn't seem to get back to sleep.  As I lay in my bed I realized how unbelievably comfortable I was.  
I was the perfect temperature under my sheets, my pillows were just right, and my husband was snoring softly beside me.  
I started to think how absolutely blessed I am to have a bed, live in a safe neighborhood, and be surrounded by my family.  I laid there for about an hour (very unlike me) and just soaked it up.  God is good.  He deserves all my humble thanks for all the wonderful gifts he has blessed me with.

After all, my son is fine, I was not in any accidents with the car, and I have completed 4 loads of laundry today : ) Goodbye funk!  God always finds a way to reach you through the clouds and show you what he has done for you.

I am so blessed.



  1. I love the sands of time necklace :-D I might just have to get that!!

  2. That is some serious perspective. It can be hard to see the joy in the little things, but I will appreciate my flannel sheets tonight! Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Awesome post! We all need the reminder every once in awhile! :)

  4. Excellent post...I need to get out of a PERMANENT mommyhood funk...


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