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Friday, April 15, 2011

Shame on Me

I have been self indulgent of late with a mopey attitude.
YES I have stress and YES I'm overwhelmed but so is everyone.  And when I take a minute to focus on people and events outside of myself, I see that I have have it pretty damn good.

Some bloggy inspirations have hit me today.
Both Rachel from Finding Joy and Carissa of Lowercase Letters have posted
about looking on the bright side and essentially counting your blessings.  And when you really look and put things in perspective, the Lord has rained them down on me in abundance.
Shame on me for forgetting that.

So I decided to review this past week and link up with Rachel and Carrissa for favorite things Friday.  Here are some of the joys I have experienced this past week.

1. Music and it's never ending power to move me
Some of my favorite tunes this week
Boyce Avenue - Teenage Dream (NOT Katy Perry's version)
Brian Kissinger - Entire "Can't Get Away" album but particularly "Today"  You may be able to find him on YouTube but he used to be the music ministry leader at the school where my husband teaches.
Francesca Battistelli - The Stuff

2.  My oldest son
Loves me all the way to Pluto and back.
That boy's a lover and I will NEVER tire of hearing him tell me he loves me.

3.  My youngest son
Is starting to be more affectionate.  I admit I have compared him to his older brother...sssh...I know your not supposed to do that...and he is not nearly into cuddling and such as his brother was/is.  But this week he has started to give me kisses without solicitation and he has even been asking me to lay with him for a bit at bed time.  God love him.  It has warmed this mama's heart immensely.

4. Sunshine
I need the sun practically as much as I need air.
Blessedly woke up to a clear and bright morning today which helped to center me and lift me up.
Thank you Lord for creating such glorious light!

5. My Ceiling Fan
It is finally warm enough to have my ceiling fan on low at night.  I love to have the cool air swirling around me and be cozy warm under the cover, not to mention the "white noise"....love it.

6.  Growing things
My Weeping Cherry Tree has exploded with blossoms.  My hyacinths are blooming (my oldest picked me one to keep inside and enjoy the aroma).  The grass, it even needed cut today!

7.  Reaching Out
I was asked for my email address from a bloggy friend this week.
Made me feel really good that she reached out to me!  Thanks Cory!

So if you're feeling down, re-examine your past week and find all the beautiful moments that have been given to you and link up with Rachel.


  1. Love these! I have to remember to link up! I love that you are thankful for your ceiling fan-- it's really the simple things in life huh?

  2. What a great way to remember all of the good things about your life!! And you know what, sometimes I feel like it's okay to be mopey and vent thru the blog...sometimes it's our only outlet and you know you'll have the support you need from bloggy friends! :) Have a great weekend!! And good luck with the open house! Hugs!

  3. aww, glad you joined in! it's always more pleasant to think of life's blessings, isn't it! God is so good. and kisses from your kids without being asked... now that is a sweet gift!


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