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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Behind the Moon First Home Show - April 2011

As many of you know I recently had my first home showing of my jewelry designs and I'm SSOO excited to report....
it was a success!
I worked really hard on all aspects of the show and sale and it seems that most of it worked out really well, I will tweak a few things here and there but my second one shouldn't be as labor intensive as the first (I know my husband and boys are happy about that).

It would not have been a success without the
support of my friends and family.
You all have been so encouraging since way before Behind the Moon was even a legitimate business and I can't thank you enough for coming.
And to those that brought guests...
for helping to expose my designs to some new eyes.
That alone is invaluable to me.

So here are some pics from the day.  Too bad it was such a gray rainy day.
I hope everyone enjoyed themselves!

Me and all my lovelies. 
I had three main displays set up.  My mantle works so nicely as a display space  but I will be designing a single table scape for future home shows and craft fairs.

Onyx & Obsidian Drops, Onyx & Obsidian Bangle (Coming soon to Etsy) : Drops of Rain : Morning Dew Necklace, Goldlip Shell Earrings

 First Frond: Carolina Moon: Calming Waters
Blushing Bronze (Coming soon to Etsy) : African Bloom :  African Turquoise (Coming soon to Etsy)

Some pics of my designs.  
Yep I know.... I need to take the time to figure out how to better crop and edit in photobucket, 
but bear with me, I'm often in a time crunch!

Wrap me in Chains Earrings & Necklace : Spring Fling II (coming soon to Etsy) : Sands of Time
Royal Simplicity Bracelet (coming soon to Etsy) : Royal Simplicity Necklace (coming soon to Etsy) : Rose Quartz
 Pistachio Pearl : African Turquoise : Blushing Bronze (coming soon to Etsy)

More designs.
I'm loving the set in the very center.  Its called Royal Simplicity (coming to my Etsy shop soon!).

coming soon to Etsy 

Beaded Bookmarks
 I was able to premier my new line of bookmarks affectionately called "Book Bling".  
Also coming soon to Etsy.  They were a real hit!

The giveaway.
Anyone who brought a guest got entered to win these pretty chandeliers!  
Congrats to Tammy!

More Earring Designs

Wood Agate (coming soon to Etsy) : Mabolo Wood (coming soon to Etsy)

For Him
I debuted my "for him" line of men's necklaces.  
My husband has the Mabolo Wood, see Tough guy meets teddy bear.

Some happy customers
Friends and family made the day!  These gorgeous gals left with some gorgeous baubles :)

What could be better than great friends, good food, and jewelry? 

I'm looking forward to doing it again!


  1. Glad to hear the first one was a hit! Only the beginning, Krista! You make such gorgeous stuff -- your biggest problem will be keeping an inventory!

  2. IT looks like it was a great time!! I can't wait to check out all of your new things!! :)

  3. Krista,
    It was a fantastically fun gathering. We really enjoyed ourselves. Beautifully and creatively displayed pieces, a relaxed atmosphere, good friends, and delicious food. Who could ask for more?

  4. It was a HIT! Great crowd, food and what girls love best..JEWELRY!!! There was a lot to choose from, I couldn't decide what I wanted!! I purchased the Golden Pear Earrings and Drops of Rain Earrings!!

  5. How exciting! Sounds like you had an amazing time :)

  6. Krista,
    I am so happy to hear that it went well! You have beautiful work so I am not surprised. Women love to get together over jewelry! So much fun!


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