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Friday, January 27, 2012


Currently loving…Once Upon A Time...it's SOOO good and leaves you wanting more.

Currently reading…The Stolen Child by Keith Donohue. It's a twisted story...the jury's still out on whether I like it or not.

Currently waiting for…life to slow down...I better grab a snickers huh casue I don't think that's happening any time soon!

Currently excited about…going to the beach this year and lots of camping trips.

Currently missing…when my babies were babies.

Currently trying…to get my house organized.  The xmas trees are taken down (we have 2) but just sitting in their huge boxes in the middle of the living room floor!

Currently working at…praying more often.  For everything.

Currently enjoying…watching my kids blossom :)
Currently snacking on…dry roasted almonds are Me Hubsy and I's new favorite snack.

Currently using…a teenie handful of chocolate chip morsels after dinner to try and curb my ENORMOUS sweet tooth.
Currently wearing…jewelry made by me :)

Currently planning…my boys' birthday party in March.  See inspirations here.

Currently singing"Where I belong" by Building 429

Currently needing…a getaway with just Me Hubsy.

Currently learning…to mellow out and not sweat the small stuff.  It's a continuous education.

Currently listening to…Black Eyed Peas station on Pandora.

Currently wishing...I had more hours in a day.

Currently doing…blogging instead of working...shhh!

Currently praying for…an intimate relationship with Jesus for my kids and Hubsy.

Currently dreaming of…being able to devote more time to Behind the Moon BEADWORKS.

I stole this from Becky at Our Life in Four Bags.  Go check hers out :)

What are you currently up to?


  1. Love all of the things that you're currently doing. (I blog while at work too, shhhhhhhh!) I'm currently...counting down the hours until this work day is over, and currently...counting down the hours until M arrives for the weekend.

  2. What a fun post -- and a great list! :)

    Missing babies when they were babies? How about another? ;)

    Hope your week is off to a good start! <3

  3. aww, my "babies" are feeling less like babies each day. it is SAD! but fun to watch them grow. life just keeps going, doesn't it?!


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