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Thursday, January 19, 2012

You know it's love when....

.....your Hubsy takes care of everything else 
so you can take care of you

I have been having back and neck pain for about a week now and it has only gotten worse.  I knew I needed to take a muscle relaxer (from a previous prescription) but hadn't done it yet for various reasons.  Last night after getting home from being out for a while, me Hubsy took care of everything else so I had a little time to take care of me :)

Hubsy:  How about you take your muscle relaxer and go have a nice soak in the tub?
Me:  I can't, I need to get lunches and school stuff ready for tomorrow.
Hubsy: I'll do it.
Me:  Really?!?
*Cue screaming from my almost 3-yr-old.
Hubsy:  Yes, but hurry up and go before I change my mind *grin*

Not only did he take care of getting things ready but he also took the boys down to the basement to play Xbox so I could rest on the couch a bit.
I'm telling you....HEAVEN!

Bless you Babe - Love ya!


  1. You have a keeper of a husband right there! I hope your back and neck are better soon!

  2. oh my word... it's the best freeing feeling when your man tells you that! i'm glad he takes such good care of you! and i hope you're feeling better.

  3. Soo cute! Keep him (:


  4. Ah, very very VERY sweet! :) You have a keeper FOR SURE! I hope you get to feeling better, too!


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