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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Beautiful Home: Halloween Decor...a little Pinterest inspiration

Since becoming addicted to Pinterest (follow me here), I have been collecting all sorts of holiday decorating ideas.  I mean, one could get lost on that subject alone on Pinterest am I right?  Lucky for me I have my trusty hutch which is the perfect place for me to display all of my decor.  If your new to the blog you may not know that my Hubsy is a very talented handyman.  He built this hutch for me as well as several other pieces in our home, including our fireplace/bookcase which is next on my list to dress up.

First I decided to give the hutch itself a little makeover.  The yellow-toned oak just wasn't jiving with our new gray-brown living room furniture from IKEA so I decided to paint it off-white to match our kitchen cupboards and be less offensive with the gray furniture.



Improvement?  I think yes.

Now to share my Pinterest inspirations....

{1} First up "along came a spider".  I just adored this idea so I created a little spidey of my own.  Mine is a bit more kid-friendly rounded version though. Either that....or he's just well fed.

{2} Secondly I printed out me free printable but did not have color ink...gasp!  To give it a little pop I added some colored scrapbook paper as a matte.

{3} Next I created my little "boo" print where the text was the focal point. I just used scrapbook paper for the background and then printed and cut out the letters to glue on.  Simple. 
{4} Lastly I raised up my twig pumpkin on a candle holder pedestal to give it a little more presence.  I think I'll be heading to the dollar store to pick up some more pedestals of varying heights because I just love the way these look and will incorporate them for several different holidays. 
I'm thinking ornaments on pedestals for Christmas ;)

the finished product

That's it for now though I'm sure I'll be adding to it and tweaking it over the years. 

Like adding a swag or garland to make it TRULY Pinterest inspired huh!


  1. Yes!! It looks amazing. Isn't it crazy what some white paint will do to an old piece of furniture! woot woot

  2. I've made myself to push away from Pinterest, because I spend to much time on it!! Love the Halloween decor and the cabinet... the makes it look more hip!

  3. Oh, I absolutely love it! (And that hutch...beautiful!) I've been wanting to get more Halloween decorations, and this is a simple, easy way to do so. :)

  4. I LOVE the framed letters. Great idea. How have I never thought of that?? In fact...I'm going to pin it now so I can remember it later!

    Oh and the hutch now looks like it's from Pottery Barn. Great job!!

  5. I love everything you made! I am constantly pinning things but I never actually make them -- but this post makes me want to because your things turned out so great!

  6. Nice job, Krista! Did you pin this yourself?


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