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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back in the dark ages?

Oh iphone...how i miss you.

Your instant gratification
Your seemingly endless supply of music
You always know where I am and how to get me home

How am I supposed to survive without you?

Uuggh, I recently sold my iphone 4 in preparation for the expected release of the iphone 5 and I'm finding out how truly dependent I have been on my phone.  

It's quite comical actually.

You will now notice a lack of pictures on my blog posts.  I'm just too lazy busy to take pics with my big camera and then upload etc.   It was so easy to tote my phone and take inconspicuous pics everywhere I went.  

I even asked my hubby how to find out the weather without my phone....seriously.

Then I had to add some figures up the other night and almost flipped out when I realized that we don't even own a calculator!  We always just used our phones. 

I REALLY miss my music.  
Youtube playlists just don't cut it.

I can only check my email once a day.

I can only check facebook once a day.

I know, I know...poor me right?  
I heard about an article that discusses the compulsive need to check your email and such.  
Go ahead...throw the book at me.
I am guilty.

I can't wait until you are released iphone 5.

How about you?  
Are you addicted to your smartphone?


  1. I love that you asked how to check the weather without your phone. :) We too do not own a calculator. I'm addicted to my smartphone, but not as much as my hubby is. Although I do rely on it when we are out to eat. I always take it out and use the handy tip calculator. :)

  2. It's called a "crackberry" for a reason....I can't WAIT for the iPhone 5....4 years, or is it 5, with a crackberry, and I'm so excited for the iPhone. It's crazy how relient we become on these smartphones.

  3. oh...my...how are you doing it?! haha. seriously, i am an iphone addict as well. i can't even imagine. hang in there. you can do it!


  4. I bought my first smart phone a month ago, an EVO, and golly I love this thing. Totally addicted.
    I could go without it again if I had to . . . but hopefully we never reach that point because I'd pitch a great big fit . . . and those aren't pretty on anyone of any age. ;]


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