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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Call and answer

My friends....I have been regressing.

I'm not proud of it.

It's time to pull up my britches and get it together again.

A few months ago I vowed to maintain a positive attitude.  I have such a wonderful life, so why do I end up being so crabby and lashing out at my loved ones?  It has not been the best few weeks in our house.  It's not that we have anything truly bad or stressful going on, it's just that there IS A LOT going on and everything seems to have a deadline.  I'm feeling really overwhelmed...that I can't get it all done or I am going to forget something important.  

Well, amidst all this I have hurt the ones I love.  

Harsh words.

A temper lost....more than once.


This morning I have finally surrendered all this "stuff" to God.  It is truly not the end of the world if I don't get it all done on time or make a mistake.  God provides all we need.

Lord help me to put my own stresses aside so I can truly hear the needs of my family.

Give me patience.

Let me remember the struggles of others.

Give me compassion.

As soon as I surrendered my worries and put my faith in His power, the power went out at my office.  This is not uncommon so I was just waiting it out as usual when we were told this would be an extended outage and we could go ahead and go home for the day.  I could not believe it!  I now have 6 more hours to do some of the things I need to get done!

I called out with a surrendered heart and God answered and provided.

Next on the agenda is to humble myself to my husband and kids and apologize for my selfishness.
They really deserve my best, not my worst.


  1. I LOVE this post - and the graphics! :)

    How completely awesome that the power went out at work just as you had surrendered. I bet it felt surreal! :) Here's to you crossing of things on your to-do list and to being your best! :)

  2. Great post! And honestly, it couldn't have came at a better for me.

    I'm glad you got 6 extra hours of time to get things done.

  3. Amazing, amazing post! Honestly, that was humbling to me. I need to stop complaining and start being happy. I don't have a reason not to be! Glad you were able to get lots done and enjoy your day! Have a great weekend, Krista!

  4. It's truly hard to imagine you selfish! But I know that stress and demands and expectations can pile up to create frayed nerves. Surrendering seems a much better means of managing. Thanks for teaching an old dog new tricks!

  5. I hope this week is better. We all have days and weeks like this though. You're not alone! Thank the Lord for His ceaseless grace!!!

  6. It sounds like we had similar experiences this week! Last night I nearly lost it at the dinner hour. Husband wasn't home yet, both babies were whining, and I was starting to feel hot and sweaty like I was going to go crazy.
    I had to sit down, offer that moment to God and remind myself that he gives us those moments to draw closer to him and grow in virtue.

    Thanks for your beautiful reflections!


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