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Friday, June 8, 2012

You know you have boys when...

Dirt and rocks are the preferred way to pass the time, anywhere.

Squeezing any condiment container brings on a fit of giggles.  You know....."the" sound :)

A clean house is an automatic alert to go into destruction mode...immediately.

You are always tripping over some sort of vehicle on the floor.

Words like butt, underwear, and poop are uttered multiple times daily.

God is thanked for waterguns during nightly prayers.

You walk outside to find your 3yr old with his pants around his ankles (for the whole neighborhood to see) peeing on a tree because "he had to go".  Totally logical.

You have mini-defenders of your honor at all times.

You are told you are as pretty as the sunset.

You're told they don't want to marry anyone but you :) 

aaah if only it would stay that way! 

I love having my little men.
I adore their boyishness, most of the time, unless a situation calls for them to sit still because 
that . just. ain't. gonna. happen.

Raising two boys is unfamiliar territory, I don't have any brothers, but it certainly brings new joys
 with it everyday, and a whole lot of humor.

They are definitely one of my favorites :) 

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Life rearranged


  1. Raisisng 2 boys is something else. Farting becomes something funny AND a contest and there are constant wrestling matches. But, they will always have a lifetime best friend. The best part is their love for their mommies. We are the greatest thing to them until they find a girlfriend and then we come 2nd. hahahaha

  2. This was such a happy post. I love that they thank God for the watergun, and how amazing that they say you're as pretty as the sunset (which you are)! Have a great weekend, Krista!

  3. Oh my gosh, no! He really peed in front of the neighbors?! That is hilarious. Your boys seem so thoughtful though. You're doing a great job raising them. :)

  4. I love reading about your boys b/c it gives me an idea of the things i have to look forward to! :)

  5. this made me laugh. i love having my boy. the watergun made me laugh. my little man thanks God for balls. so cute. and the peeing on the tree...ha-larious!!

  6. i so know what you mean when you talk about destruction mode. the problem with sage having a big brother is that she knows how to do it, too! ha!! i can't wait for the day hunter says he wants to marry me. revel in it, mama! basque in the glory of being their only lady!! : )

  7. I love this. I was like, "yeah, uh huh, yep, that's right" the whole read through! :) Thomas and his friends have definitely tripped me up more than a few times! ;)


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