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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Eats

I've been pinning like crazy lately and figured it's high time 
I actually make some of the things I pin.
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I thought these would be great for summer with all sorts of picnics and get-togethers coming up.  
Now I just need to decide which one to make first!

Pinterest via: source
Chicken can get kind of boring so I'm always looking for new recipes to keep things interesting.
This one looks simple....my middle name.

Pinterest via: source
 Seems like avacado is the food of choice right now. 
Everywhere I look there are recipes or sales on them at the store.  
I think this recipe looks unique and delicious.

Pinterest via: source
I adore zucchini, pretty much in any form.

Pinterest via: source
 You can't go wrong with cheese, just look at that ooey-gooey goodness!

Pinterest via: source
This grape salad looks like the perfect refreshing summer dessert, sign me up!

I tend to fly by the seat of my pants, trying new recipes when it's time to contribute to a party.  
Hubsy doesn't necessarily think it's wise of me to experiment on others :)

How about you?  
Do you like to experiment or do you have a 
go-to recipe you use for summer picnics?

Thank you to everyone who expressed sympathy on my last post
it really is so appreciated!


  1. Confession: I haven't cooked in FOREVER. I'm spoiled so M is always the one cooking. Plus our new kitchen is definitely a kitchen for one... It's a tight squeeze between him, me and the puppy. All of these recipes look so darn good to me though!

  2. I like fried chicken and potato salad for my picnic. I'm a simple girl but these recipes look amazing!

  3. MM the cheese dip looks so good! Thanks for sharing

  4. I've made the grape salad and actually have a recipe for it on my blog as well. It is SO good. You have to try it!


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