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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

6+ years and still waiting to sleep

I have been waiting to sleep for 6 years now.


Will it ever come?

Ok, maybe I'm being a tad dramatic but really...just a tad.

I don't know what it is with my boys but there is always some sleeping issue and they end up waking me and Hubsy up sometimes 6 or 7 times a night!

It varies from true night terrors to just not being able to sleep.

The other night L (my 6yr-old) was already on his way to our room when he thought he saw a giant rat in the hallway.  He screamed for me and I've never heard that kind of utter terror in his voice.   I thought surely he must have had a limb cut off!  OK, not likely but I was half asleep after all. 
Thankfully it was just a rat (sort of).

Don't even get me started on E.
That boy will resist sleep AT. ALL. COSTS.
His excuses for coming to our room are endless, and some are really hysterical, except that I'm being woken up and I'm not exactly the most pleasant person in the middle of the night.  They usually don't become funny until reflecting on them once I'm already up and showered.

Then we went and got a puppy that can't go all night without being let out to pee.
What were we thinking?

Needless to say I was BEYOND grateful to Hubsy when he offered to have a sleep-out in the living room with both boys the other night.  Oh and he took the night shift with Seamus too :)

Long live the monster tent!  Even though it takes up half my living room , it provides days of new adventures for the boys every time we bust it out.

I had 9 blissful hours of totally uninterrupted sleep and man was it heaven. 

I may or may not have taken an additional 2 hour nap later that day too. 
I admit nothing.

How about you?
Do you or your kids have trouble sleeping?
How do you deal?

And since Seamus is just too cute, I'll leave you with this pic.

Have a great week!


  1. Yup, Seamus is just too cute! And I'm sorry to hear that there is sleeping trouble in the household. Hopefully the boys will grow out of it :)

  2. Kayla woke up every three hours until she was a year old. Then it wasn't until she was 3 that she slept through the night every single night. But she's always been good at going to bed. And Kyleigh has slept through the night since 7 weeks. She is an amazing sleeper...as you can tell by photos of where she falls asleep.

    Kinsley is my terrible sleeper. She will sleep in her rock-n-play just fine. But she's getting a little big for it. I try to put her in her crib and she sleeps there for awhile until she wakes up and refuses to go back in there.

  3. Um, that monster tip is just the COOLEST. And props to your hubs for taking the night shift! Win! XD

  4. Oh girl! I'm so sorry!! Lacking sleep in the absolute WORST!!! I pray it gets better for you!!

  5. There is nothing better than a full night of sleep (which is something we're sorely missing around here too). Hope it gets better for all of you!


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