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Monday, July 30, 2012

Miscellany Monday

Happy Monday all!

I hope you had as nice a weekend as I did.

Started off Saturday with a little coffee out on my deck.  I absolutely adore sitting out there in the early morning when there are no lawnmowers going, no dogs barking, and no kids yelling.  
It's just peaceful solitude.
(but its a challenge to keep my little early risers quiet for anyone else who may want to enjoy it too.)


Later on we had a wedding to attend for a friend of mine.
They say rain on your wedding day is supposed to bring good luck.  I felt bad for them because it was absolutely downpouring.  Thankfully it didn't last long and it cleared up soon after.

I wore my "go-to" dress.  
It's really the only dressy dress I have and has gotten many miles over 
the past few months that I've had it but I still love it.
Of course I had to throw together a new pair of earrings to wear to mix it up a bit though :)
Hubsy and I had a great time.  We so rarely get out without the boys and always have a good time when we get to focus on each other.  Not to mention weddings always bring out the memories of our own and we get to re-live the feelings of that special day.

 We had gorgeous weather on Sunday and decided to take full advantage of it and have a great family day outside with the boys at a local park.  One of our goals this summer was to teach L to ride a bike without training wheels.  Most kids probably learn earlier but for some reason we just don't seem to get him much practice.  Well we decided to take him out to try it and just when I thought he would never get it, within 2 minutes he was riding on his own like a champ.  It's always such an awesome moment as a parent when your child all the sudden masters a new skill.  So proud of him.

And not to let E out, he had some success of his own.  This was the longest distance he had ever ridden his bike and he hardly needed any help from em at all in terms of getting going.  He did have a little crash though but little man was a trooper bounced up and got right back on.  Had to keep up with big brother after all ;)

We also went for a hike which is one of my favorite things to do.  I wore a bandana since I hadn't exactly done anything to my hair.  Well, the boys decided they wanted to be "pirates" too.  Maybe it was the bandana paired with the hoops that made me look like a pirate...I don't know.

His lordship Sir Seamus got the royal treatment of being carried on the hike because just walking around while the boys biked wore him out.  Poor poochie could barely keep his eyes open on the ride home.  He wasn't the only one, L and E passed out pretty quick too. 

Wear 'em out and put 'em to bed...that's our motto ;)

It was one of those rare weekends where we got to enjoy a lot of relaxed "together" time, 
those are the best ones in my book.

Linking up with Carissa....

How was your weekend?


  1. I love family time. Congrats to L for riding his bike without training wheels! That is a great accomplishment. I'm glad you had a great weekend. :)

  2. You look BEAUTIFUL!
    Yay for no training wheels! That's so cool! and yay for family days! wonderful! Love your pictures!

  3. Looks like a pretty perfect weekend!

  4. over from Carissa's! i love that dress so pretty on ya and the color rocks! oooh i love sitting on the deck with well a tabloid or the lifetime section of the paper in the morning drinking well sweet tea ha! Cute pup is that a French bulldog?? Love it...we want an american one! your littles are presh!


  5. i'm loving the sunglasses with the bandanas. my sister has a boston, too. she treats him like royalty, as well. your boys need to come play with my son and wear him out! he has too much energy for me! looks like you had so much fun!! oh, and i already told you on instagram, but you look amazing in that dress! hot mama!

  6. I miss sitting out on my deck, it's been too hot!!!

    I love that you and hubby got out, you looked gorgeous Krista!!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE that purple dress! You look fab in it! Also love you rockin that bandana! :)


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