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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

For Real

Remember that post I wrote about jealousy, specifically blogger jealousy?
In effort to keep it real....here's some bits of my life....for real.

* My counter top is THIS MESSY about 99% of the time.  Can you see the amount of electronics?  There's a laptop, blackberry tablet, digital camera, and likely to be an iphone somewhere in there too.  We're lucky nothing has spilled on any of them yet.

* I actually feel victorious when I take laundry out of the machine and find that I really did get that stain out.  Been known to yell out a "YES, TAKE THAT!" when it happens.
Saving money by not having to replace it...that's what its about people.

* More often than not I can be found drinking wine (boxed of course) out of a teenie tumbler rather than a wine glass...classy right?

* My kids eat pancakes for dinner...a lot.
*too much sugar*

 *I'm starting to love cheesy sappy predictable movies on the Hallmark Channel.  
Does that mean I'm old? Don't answer that.

*I'm an obsessive picker.
If I get the slightest blemish I pick at it until I make a mountain out of a mole hill.  TMI?  Ha ha!

Doing a rather exaggerated booty shake. Notice how L only has one sock on!  I swear that kid NEVER has both on.
* I had to teach my 6yr-old the difference between a fun dancing type of booty shake (which is ok) and the mean rude butt-in-your face kind of shake (which is not ok) that he was giving his brother.
Oh the responsibilities of a parent.

*Hubsy and I had a date a the gas station.
We met up there unexpectedly, each filling up our cars at side by side pumps.  The kids were in the car so we actually got to talk to each other in relative peace for 5 mins.  Hubsy joked that it actually felt like a date.
It was an expensive one though...$160 for 5 mins!

Happy Tuesday y'all.
And keep it real :)


  1. My dining room table looks like that all the time.

    I only do laundry once a week

    And I am a picker too. :( I actually love it and love picking at other people too. lol

  2. Love you Krista! Love this post. Love that you drink boxed wine, super classy. :p Love that you met your huband in a gas station. I'd like to hear more about that one!

  3. Hahahaha that's funny that you both filled up your cars at the same time :) And don't worry about the mess, everyone has them in multiple places in their house. Mine is the kitchen table and the kitchen countertops. The only time it looks almost perfect is when we're having guests, but even then, not really

  4. hahaha so funny! I'm a picker too. Scott comes in the room and always catches me "picking at my face" it's a bad habit! I love that you shared some real pics. That's the only way to be in my book!

  5. 5 minutes of you is worth $160. ;)

    I'm quick to put dirty clothes in the washer so the stain comes out. But I'll leave it in there. Then need to wash it again. And then I'll finally put it in the dryer. But then I'll leave it in there until I finally HAVE to wash clothes again.

  6. you're so cute! once i spilled water on my phone and it died. be careful!! love the real side of life!

  7. OMG LOVED this! Really, this is great!
    And, btw, the whole picking thing? I go NUTS if I have ANYTHING, big or small, on my face. It's a mess ;] And getting stains out of the laundry is one of the greatest feelings ever! ;] You're awesome!


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