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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Its in the sauce y'all

You all know I'm no Paula or Giada (or even a long lost cousin), but when I do have something that makes my taste buds sing and is simple to make too, well by golly I'm gonna share it with y'all.  
Yes, I'm southern today so "y'all" it is.

General Tso's is my absolute Favorite Chinese dish.  There's just something about that sauce.  

And ladies I have found THE. BEST. store-bought General Tso's sauce for your "no-take-out" dish by Iron Chef.  Trust me when I tell you it will not disappoint.

The best part of this meal is how easy it is, you literally throw it together.  No recipe needed.  I use popcorn chicken cooked in the oven.  We let ours in there a little longer than the directions on the package so it's nice and crispy and won't go limp in the sauce.  Then I cook up some frozen broccoli in one pot and rice in another (what could be easier?)

Then I literally toss the broccoli and chicken in the sauce, spoon over rice, and serve. 

Come on now, you have time for that right?  
This quick meal is a staple around our house.  There is only one store in our area 
that sells the sauce though so when we go, we stock up on that baby!

Go on and getcha' some!


  1. Oh, my golly.
    This looks AWESOME.
    And I love me some General Tso's. Divine.
    Thanks for posting!!!

  2. Absolutely amazing! I love that this is such a simple meal. I'm going to have M pick this up next time he goes to the grocery store!

  3. I never thought about using popcorn chicken for this. it looks delicious! and so easy...unbelievable really!! than k you!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    looks like chicken for us tonight!

  4. i can't WAIT to buy it, I hope I can find it!


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