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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

5 ways to give

Thanksgiving and Christmas pretty much go hand-in-hand dont'cha think?
Sure they share a close relationship on the calendar, but more importantly they're linked in meaning.  Its only natural that gratitude for our blessings leads to wanting to share those blessings with those less fortunate...
love on our neighbors as Jesus loves on us.

There's this little thing called Operation Christmas Child, ever heard of it?  ;)

A child can receive their first Christmas gift EVER through this wonderful organization.  All you have to do is fill up a shoebox of goodies (which can include school supplies and hygiene items as well as toys) and drop it off at the nearest Drop-off location.  They have them all around the country and there is bound to be one near you.  I found one within 2 miles of my house!  Just imagine the love and joy these children feel as they receive some of these basic necessities. The very ones that we take for granted every day.

I've been wanting to participate for 2 years now but admittedly I would always forgot to check the calendar to see when the deadline was, and then it was too late to participate.
This year I finally got to the party on time ;)

We packed up our box of goodies.
L wrote the sweetest little note to our recipient and E helped decorate it afterwards.
All wrapped up and ready to deliver joy and love!

It felt so good to do this.
So so good. 
Such a simple thing to us that can mean the world to someone else.

I did a little digging and found some more great ways to give a little this holiday season.
Give big, give small, God sees it all.
Won't you join me in spreading the love?

A truly unique way to give a meaningful gift.
You can give gifts like a goat, clean water, a new mother and baby kit, a wheelchair, chickens, school supplies, soccer balls, or medication to those that are in the most need.
Gifts can begin at less than $25 so it makes it super easy to change a life.

*Start by browsing gifts by category. Choose a gift to donate in honor of someone special.
*Select a FREE card! You can choose to have a card mailed to you, send an e-card, or download a beautiful card to print.
*Your gift will bring urgent help and lasting hope for a child in need.

Samaritan's Purse - Children's Heart Project
CHP works with top-quality hospitals to provide surgery for children who live in countries where the required medical expertise and equipment are not available. Samaritan's Purse arranges airfare for the children, a parent, and a translator. You can make a donation towards providing that much needed airfare and other travel expenses so that these special families can receive the gift of medical healing.  I know it's all to easy for me to imagine my littles desperately needing surgery and what it must feel like to know the help is out there but not be able to get to it.  Please consider donating to this life giving cause.

Charity Water
A non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries.
100% of all public donations directly fund water projects.
Clean water.
It sounds so simple but there are so many that go without.

Give a date night
Know a couple with kids?  Offer to keep the kids for a few hours so
the couple can spend some quality time together and refresh their marriage.
Even if its just going for a cup of coffee.
As a parent I can tell you how hard it can be to squeeze in a date night, but they are SO needed.  A chance to re-connect and give your spouse your undivided attention can do wonders!  Having time away yet knowing your children are being loved on would be such a blessing.

Nursing Home Love
How about spreading some love to the elderly?  Those in nursing homes are so appreciative of your time and efforts as many of them don't have any family or friends left.  Consider visiting and spending some time with the residents.  Maybe share a talent like singing, or playing an instrument.  Other ways to bring them joy would be to take your pet if it is allowed (animals always bring happiness), bake them cookies, make them special handmade Christmas cards or decorations.  Your presence and time mean so much more than you know.  This is a great one to get the kids involved in too!

How will you be giving a little this Christmas?

* * *  Does anyone sponsor a child in another country?
What organization do you use?


  1. Oh wow. I'm sad to say I have never heard of this. We usually pick a child off of the angel tree. But I am definitely going to do this too with my girls. Something so simple and small but means so much to a child.

    1. I just looked and saw you had to do it by the 19th. Well, next year I will do it! Bookmarked the site. :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. We do Operation Christmas Child at Charlie's Preschool. Love that idea and all your ideas. I've been trying to think of ways to make Christmas more about Christ and giving to others.

  3. Love that you're doing this! I always try to donate for big holidays and my birthday to SADS Foundation since that hits so close to home for me. :) Glad to see that you're teaching your kids about this too!

  4. i totally was going to do this tomorrow! highlight compassion international and and world vision, great organizations and it is good knowing the gift will last way beyond the excitement of having the gift!


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