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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Woodland Christmas

I'm ALL about Christmas right now (that may be "Let it Snow" playing in the background right now :) and truth be told I'm starting to panic that I don't have any gifts bought yet.
I truly hate to shop in December.  I'm not a crowds person and strive to get all my shopping done in November so I can sail on through December with nothing but fun and Christmas cheer :)

We are THOSE people that like to decorate early.  We usually don't host Thanksgiving and we like having our Christmas decorations up for a good while so we get right to it!  We were blessed to have warm weather this past weekend and got our lights up outside.  I usually make Hubsy wait until we see at least one other house in the neighborhood with their lights on before we turn ours on though.

I mentioned before that this year I want to re-vamp my Christmas decor.  I have collected a lot of decorations through the years,  many just from family members that didn't want them anymore, so really I have a mish-mosh of stuff.  Nothing wrong with that but I think I'd like to decorate a little more to my liking.

Enter the Woodland Christmas theme.
Being the outdoor enthusiast that I am I simply fell in love with the idea of somewhat traditional
looking decor with tons of outdoor elements thrown in.
Think tons of pine cones, wood, berries, and greens.
These are some of my inspirations that I have come across.  I am in love.

{1}via Pinterest
I'm a HUGE fan of birch so this centerpiece is right up my alley.
{2} Pottery Barn
Again with the birch ;)
I'll be branch hunting when I go to my Dad and stepmother's for Thanksgiving.
I've already informed Hubsy he'll be cutting up some wood for me.

{3}via Pinterest
These are so simple and I already have some white frames I bought at IKEA several months ago.

{4}via Pinterest
I'd love to do an outdoor version for my porch area, so simple and beautiful.
{5}via Pinterest
This would be for the porch area too, and I already have tomato cages to use, perfect!

{6}Pottery Barn
Can we just agree that Pottery Barn has the most gorgeous stuff?!  Their Xmas line is the center of my inspiration!  I adore these sweet nests filled with ornaments and presents.  I have some extremely fragile and extremely beautiful ornaments from my Godmother that I don't put on my tree for fear the rugrats will get them.  This idea is gorgeous....and safe.
{7}via Pinterest
Too easy and too cute.  I'll be adding pine cones to my "branch hunt" on Thanksgiving.

{8}Pottery Barn
Love this but making it a DIY, hope I can find some little birdies at the dollar store that
I can spray paint a metallic silver or gold.
{9}via Pinterest
 This is such a lovely alternative to a traditional wreath.
{10}Pottery Barn
Another easy DIY inspired by Pottery Barn.  You can just use any old jar in your cupboard, fill with some fresh greens and a candle and voila!  Instant woodland ambiance.

Do you decorate with a theme in mind?
Or am I just weird?


  1. wait it isn't christmas season yet i want to eat my turkey before i pull out all of my christmas decorations!! thanks for the ideas!

  2. All these Pottery Barn references are making me very happy!! I'm playing Christmas music as well!!

  3. AHH I cannot wait to see how you decorate! I love the woodland theme...very pottery barn :-)

  4. I got SUCH an early start on my Christmas shopping this year, I surprised myself :) Now I'm starting to think about decorating. I think mine are going to be one big mishmash.

  5. I definitely decorate with a theme in mind. We're still trying to decide if we're going to get a tree, but also where we'd put it in our little apartment. M's going home for Thanksgiving and is going to come back to a very decorated home :)

  6. I am with you on this...all the way. Gorgeous inspiration, Krista!


  7. I LOVE, LOVE your Woodland Christmas theme!!! The pictures/ideas are just gorgeous!! I love Christmas, it's my favorite, so we've been listening to Christmas music for weeks!! :) I can't wait to see your finished product!! Have a beautiful day!

  8. LOVE Christmas decorations! Your ideas are GORGEOUS! Such fun! I can't wait to see what you create! Yay!


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