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Friday, November 30, 2012

Sometimes God drives a Lexus

  "Ugh, why can't you just hurry up already?!"

Darn white Lexus.
That was the first thought that entered my head.  
I mean, he was doing 35mph in a 45mph zone.
Needless to say the driver did not head my silent urgings to find his gas pedal and learn to use it. 

It struck me out of nowhere that maybe this car was meant to be going slow.
Maybe...just maybe...there was a "higher" reason.
Like maybe the driver needed to get to his destination at exactly the right moment.
Or maybe by holding up the cars behind him just a little bit, he was actually preventing an accident from happening down the road.
You just never know.

There are so many times in life that I get just as frustrated and impatient with the Lord
as I did with that Lexus.
I am broken like that.  
Just when I think I am making progress in surrendering my need for control over to God, 
it creeps back up on me again.
Hubsy and I are facing some pretty big decisions in the coming months and 
I've really been struggling with the unknown.

"What should we do?"
"How is this going to work out?"
"What's the plan man!?"

Constant questions fill my mind and stress me out...like majorly and to the max.
I need to get back to that place of trusting His timing, His plan.

It is very much like staring down this long road but you can't see where it goes, everything's foggy. But with each step you take you can see just enough to keep going.
It's amazing how much we rely on "sight" to feel safe.
I don't know what is at the end of this road. Or if the path veers off around a wild bend or two along the way. But I do know that He will reveal the path to me bit by bit...when He is ready for me to see it.

When He is ready for me to see it.
 But boy the waiting is tough.  Not gonna sugar-coat it.
When it comes to answers, patience is not my forte.
Evidently it might not be my specialty when driving either ;)
 But you need to slow down, take a look around you.  You never know what may be
revealed to you during the "waiting".
And trust that you are waiting for a reason...that the waiting is part of God's plan as well.
I needed that reminder today. 
And God drove a white Lexus to impart it.


  1. love this reminder. I have come to appreciate being in this waiting game and not quite knowing what's next, it keeps God at the forefront of my mind!

  2. Great analogy with the foggy road. It's beyond hard waiting for answers, but it's worth it and will pay off in the end.

  3. i definitely have had those times of impatience when it comes to waiting on God and Im pretty sure I will have them in the future, it is tough when you have to wait on something and you think everything is perfectly lined up for whatever you are waiting for and then boom! God's plans crash everything and I am constantly reminded never to trust or rely on my own plans but His

  4. Your impatience sounds a lot like me, every second of the day. I get frustrated with everyone, all the time and need to learn to just chill. I love this post and will be thinking of it next time I get annoyed with something. You may not be perfect but you are on such a great track!

  5. Waiting IS really hard. Sometimes I wonder, not why is this going on?!! But it's not til years later that I finally realize that the timing really was perfect all along.

  6. Whenever I get really frustrated with a situation that is out of my control, it's a great reminder that there's something higher making me wait. Like when I had to wait every week to see M. Or when we had to wait for him to get a job after 8 months of searching. We were waiting because he wasn't meant to get down here fast, he was meant to be here when the PERFECT job came along. And that's just one example! Such a great post, Krista. So relatable.

  7. I loved this post because I can totally relate to it :) I always wonder, if I get slowed down in traffic or forget something in the house and have to go back for it, if sometimes God is protecting me/us. There are times when I have been so very aware of His protection and presence...then I just wonder how many times He has saved us, and we have no idea. The path does get foggy, and we have to take one step at a time...but I'm so thankful for an awesome God who is right there with us every step of the way! Have a beautiful day!! :)

  8. I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, check out my post (http://pharrawayliving.blogspot.com/2012/12/ive-been-nominated.html) to see how it works. I hope you accept!

    Happy Blogging!!!

  9. we are so back and forth ya know, that is why dying daily is so necessary, our flesh just creeps in over and over and over. And I do believe that each moment or each emotion that isn't sanctified to God, is a moment when He is wanting to reach higher and higher to become like Him. He will use IT ALL so we look like Him more and more! You are so so right Kristen! We need constant parenting from our heavenly Father.


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