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Thursday, March 3, 2011

1,2,3........uh where was I?

So things are getting serious at Behind the Moon BEADWORKS....seriously organized that is.  Largely with the help of my husband, I am getting some major organization underway.  He got me some new software to help with inventory, ordering, invoicing...... the whole enchilda.  It is going to be a great tool for me but it takes SO MUCH effort to get all the starting data loaded.  

So we're currently working on inventory.

A small sampling of all my pretties

Counting all those tiny little beads...uugghh!  The nice thing is it has become a family affair.  I count the tiny ones, my 4-year-old counts the large ones, and my husband inputs the data.  We only do it for about 20-30 minutes a night before we all get burnt out on it (remember my husband and I have full-time jobs too) but hopefully we'll be done soon.  My son is so sweet to want to help but he can only do large beads that I don't have a whole lot of.  It helps him practice his counting too which is an added bonus.  His teacher will be proud!  Although his counting out loud makes me lose my place sometimes!

Then its on to continuing to organize my workspace and inventory storage.
 We're converting this old computer armoire into my workspace. My husband is adding more shelving and some hooks for wire and chain.  It actually makes a pretty nice workspace with the extra arm that swings out on the right hand side.  Once I have more shelves and neater bins to store my beads in, I think it will run fairly smoothly.  I also got a label maker that I just can't wait to start using for some reason.
I may just go label happy on the whole house ;)

I'm also trying to find some way to store my stock of completed designs so that I can easily carry them to craft shows/fairs but keep every piece easily visible and accessible.  Once I have all my designs solidified and completed, I'll be designing my displays for my first home showing!  Can't wait to get that part underway.  All this start-up work can be daunting but hopefully everything should flow much smoother once I get to my home party.  Then I can just refine things here and there. 

Do you have a favorite organizational item/tip?


  1. Sounds like yall have the organization well underway! I really need to work on my organizing. What software did you get? I think that could be helpful w/ my shop too!

    BTW - not sure if I just didn't pay attention before or what, but your Etsy shop is adorable! Your items are BEAUTIFUL and your pictures are AMAZING! Do you have a button for your shop? I'd love to display it on my blog for you!

  2. The name of the software is Peachtree and it is made by SAGE. It really is quite useful and I would definitely recommend it.

    Thanks for the lovely compliments on my shop! I would love to have a button on your blog but in my blogger ignorance, I don't know how to make one. The image is no problem but how do I make it a button? Any advice?


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