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Monday, March 7, 2011

Toy overload?

This weekend we took our 2 boys to Toys R' Us.  Now we normally do NOT shop there, for several reasons... but they received some gift cards so we took them to pick something out.  My oldest was so excited (imagine high pitched screaming) when he saw the size of the store, 
and we hadn't even gotten in there yet.  

As we walked through the doors we were greeted with major toy overload.  There's so much to look at, even I was overwhelmed let alone the kids.  Uuugh, I was starting to get a little nervous about this.

As it turns out I was pleasantly surprised at how well my kids did.  We tried to steer them away from the pricey stuff (which in our book takes most of the store out of the running) but they did really good at asking if they had enough money for something and didn't even throw fits if the answer was no.  The funniest part was my oldest son's comment  
"Wow, there's so much here that I don't have and I didn't even know it!"
  He doesn't yet know that ignorance is bliss.
He is usually a marketers dream, if it's on TV he wants it.  But he really started showing some maturity in understanding that things cost money and all the different aspects that go into choosing how to spend it.  This is a tough lesson for an almost 5-year-old (heck even a 33-year-old like me) but he did really well.  Luckily my youngest found a Thomas toy that was on clearance (he is obsessed) so he was easy to please.  What could have been a recipe for major child meltdown ended up actually being a fun trip....thank God for small favors! 

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  1. That looks like a HUUUUGE Toys R US! Glad the boys did so well! :)


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