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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Old West Party

My little bandit

Here are the details of our Old West birthday party for our boys from this past weekend!

Banner - Wish I had a better pic of the banner in it's entirety.  It was super easy to make, printed out the design and colored it in with colored pencil.  Then I took a wet tea bag and "sponged" it on each piece to antique them.  Hung them on a string with mini clothes pins.   I got this string and clothespins as part of a baby gift from my baby shower and have used several times for a bunch of different things.  It was super cute as a shower gift too...it had little onesies hung on it...sweet right :)

Bean Bag Toss Game - Got these great silver buckets in Target's $1 section.  Kept the theme with the same star graphic.  My mother sewed the bean bags for me from an old pair of jeans that were too small for my son.  They're actually "rice" bags, not bean bags :)  I filled them with rice and closed off the holes with a few stitches.

Party Munchies
Cheese and Crackers
Basic?  Yes, but a staple at our get togethers cause they're kid friendly.

Various "spuds"
I tried to use serving dishes one may find in an old west town.  Wood, baskets and cast iron.

My Trail Mix 
My own mix of Dry Roasted Peanuts, Chocolate Chips, Butterscotch Chips, Pretzels, Raisins, and mini marshmallows.  Served in a Cast Iron pot.

The Cupcakes
From Aldi's mix and icing of course.  It's the best!  Note the gold wrappers :)

Little Mugs
Bought at the party store for the kiddies to drink their juice at the Saloon

The Saloon
Drink station - Featuring Juice, Root Beer, & Whiskey!

The Mining

My outdoor Trading Post and Weigh Station

The Gold!
I painted rocks from my landscaping to make the "nuggets".  Then buried them with regular rocks in two big buckets of sand.  The kids had a good time rootin' for the gold.

The Weigh Station
Once the kids found enough gold to out weigh my big gold nugget, they could trade it in for the Trading Post goodies (aka their treat bags).

I used the same Tea Bag Treatment in the letters for the sign.

The Goodies
Dynamite sticks (Twizzlers), Chocolate Gold Coins, Punching Bag Balloons, Mining Glow Sticks, Candy Filled Gold Bars, and more!  The Gold Bars were my favorite, found these great little gold bar boxes at the party store and they were just perfect.  Used some tins, aluminum cans, baskets, and glass jars as holders.

The Trading Post
Made from two cardboard boxes with hand drawn wood grain.  Gotta love Sharpies!  Turned out pretty good, my kids are still playing with it.  Each kid filled their brown paper treat bag with their name and star graphic on it with lots of goodies.  Can' believe I forgot to take a pic of the treat bag....oh well.

Party planner I am not but I think the kids had a really good time.  It was a bit chaotic, my husband has a large family but they're used to it.  Our friends however are not, hope they still has some fun.  I've come to realize my boys would have probably been just as happy with just some balloons and cake but I had a good time doing this theme.  We'll see what next year holds.

Linking up with the Busy Budgeting Mama today.  Check her out for some REAL party ideas!


  1. this is amazing!!! great job girl..i love your budget friendly details. the rocks and trading station..the saloon?? adorable! you are an awesome mama!

  2. love all the details! and that is was budget friendly. i love the clothespin line for the banner. looks like it was an awesome party! :)

  3. wow! great job on the party details! I'm quite impressed!! glad everyone had a good time! :)

  4. OMG, Krista! I LOVE IT! Everything turned out amazing! I love the gold nuggets.

    Your kitchen cabinets are beautiful! I'm trying to convince Ran to paint ours a similar color.

  5. Thanks for the compliments ladies!

  6. This is an AMAZING idea. So cute and the ideas are crazy creative!

    Way to go mama!

  7. What a cute party idea! I LOVE how this turned out!


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