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Friday, March 11, 2011

Yes it's beautiful but ENOUGH ALREADY

I can't take any more snow!

My street

The scenery that greeted me this morning was actually quite beautiful but 
I have had ENOUGH. 
 I need sun.  I need color.  I need painted toenails and peep toe shoes, kayaking, long walks in the woods.  I need spring.

Can I get just a little sprout somewhere in my yard? My favorite is our weeping cherry tree that flowers in the spring.  Can't wait until those delicate white flowers with just a touch of blush come peeping out.  Hopefully we're just a few weeks away but you'd never guess it from looking out the window!

I'm not the only one with cabin fever.   My boys have been running around like crazy and extra bouncy lately....which seems to be leading to more bumps and bruises.  I'm looking forward to letting them loose in the sandbox or riding bikes in the driveway to wear off some of that endless energy.

At least we turn the clocks ahead this weekend, one of the signs that spring is around the corner!


  1. Oh girl! I'm so sorry you had snow again! UGH! It's been beautiful here this weekend!! Spring is jsut around the corner!

  2. Wow, still snowy? The picture is beautiful, but I would feel the same way if I was still buried under snow! Spring's on its way!


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